Man Who Claims to have Lost 22 Family Members Turns Out to be Al Nusra Terrorist [Photos]

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May 6th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein – 

Investigative journalists have made some effort and eventually discovered that Abdel Hamid Yusef, the man who claimed to have lost 22 members of his family, his wife and baby twins including, during chemical attack that allegedly happened on the 4th of April in Syria’s north-western town of Khan Sheikhoun, had a rather notorious past.

As it turns out, Abdel Hamid Yusef was a member of the terrorist group Al Nusra Front, known for its hideous crimes against civilians in Syria, burning little children alive including, as they did during the sacking of the  town of Adra back in December 2013. 

The Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack incident has been surrounded with controversy since day one. Not long after the attack, the Al Qaeda-linked “humanitarian” group White Helmets released footage of the alleged scene of chemical attack. The group immediately accused the Syrian Air Force of carrying out attacks with chemical weapons against civilians. Despite claiming the area was contaminated with Sarin, released footage of the scene showed men with cigarettes in their mouths while “treating” the patients. 

The entire area where the attack is claimed to have taken place is under control of the terrorist groups, known to be stocking chemicals. 

On the 7th of April, US forces carried out illegal military aggression against Syria in an revenge for the supposed “chemical attack”, despite any lacking evidence. 59 tomahawk missiles were fired, only 23 of which reached their targets. The missiles were aimed at the Sharyat Air Force base in Homs province. 6 Syrian soldiers and 9 civilians, 4 children including, died in the attack. On the same day, Yusef was received by despotic Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Recently, eyewitnesses in Idleb province reported seeing a group of civilians being escorted from the town of Saraqib to the town of Ariha and accompanied by Al Jazeera’s filming crew.



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