Poroshenko and the ghosts of European genocide (+ Video)

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May 14, 1207 – Fort Russ News – 

– by James Harmon

The current leader of the Ukrainian Junta, Petro Poroshenko stated that “Europe and the European Union have become synonymous with the reforms, as well as the values ​​of democracy in Ukraine.” He said this at the ceremony of raising the EU flag on the occasion of” Europe Day” in Kyiv. Europe day takes place on may 9th – when traditionally, the largest celebration in Pro-Russian countries takes place commemorating the defeat of Nazi Germany- a tacit symbol of the recognition that fascism

Ironically, Poroshenko is doing two things that are of no surprise to Russians, the first is his Westphalia, rooted in self-loathing Slavs who have or try to adopt mentality of fetishing Germany via a mode of the “forward thinking western Europe”. As well all know history, this led to Ukrainian battalions used to ethnically cleanse many Polish citizen in world war two, as they two wanted to be “forward thinking”,

In any other scenario – we could call this yellow journalism… but when so many actual Nazi groups supported by the state are acting with almost total impunity including rape an d ethnic cleansing, this “forward thinking mentality” seems to rooted in cultural and militarily imperialism. Admiration for chancellor Merkel, whom seeks to once more invade, control and dominate the lands of the former soviet union – albeit through less conventional means is still Germany attempting to dominate the east.

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Poroshenko remarked, “Europe and the European Union have become synonymous with these reforms, the values ​​of democracy and freedom”

These empty words show that the EU tacitly supports fascism and genocide under the guise of  “the values ​​of democracy and freedom”

Poroshenko stressed that “the majority of Ukrainians have chosen the European path and moved permanently from Soviet and Russian empires.”


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