Putin weighs in on the Lavrov-Trump kerfluffle


May 17, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Tatiana MELIKYAN, in Lenta.ru, translated by Tom Winter –

[This is the very end of a lengthy report on the joint press conference of Paolo Gentiloni and V. V. Putin]

“We see that a political schizophrenia is developing in the United States, I can’t explain the blaming of the sitting president for giving Lavrov some kind of secret in any other way,” Putin said during a joint news conference with Gentiloni.

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And it’s hard to imagine what more the people who generate such stuff and nonsense can come up with, the Russian president said. “They are swaying the domestic political situation in the US under anti-Russian slogans. They either do not understand that they are harming their own country, and then they are just stupid, Putin concluded. “Or they understand everything, in which case they are dangerous and unscrupulous people, plain and simple.”

In any case, it is the business of the United States itself, and Russia is not going to interfere, he said. It is not up to the Kremlin to assess the performance of President Trump. However, in one respect, Moscow is ready to help. If the administration of the US president wishes, Moscow will provide a record of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump to the Senate and Congress, Putin suggested. Yuri Ushakov, sssistant to the Russian President, explained that there is no audio recording of the conversation, but there is a transcript.

The Russian president further emphasized absurdity of all these accusations by promising to punish his minister for getting secrets from Trump and yet not passing them on to the Kremlin. “We’ll have to give him a grade, a reprimand, because he did not share these secrets with us. Neither with me nor with representatives of Russia’s special services, it’s very bad on his part,” the head of state chided Lavrov. But Putin, despite the scandal, highly appreciated the meeting between the minister and the US president.

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