Radicals in Ukraine attack veterans of the Great Patriotic War, threaten worse for May 9


May 4, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

infoPolk.ru, translated by Tom Winter

Great Patriotic War veteran 

Original headline: Ukrainian radicals threaten veterans with execution May 9

Monday, May 1, 2017

Members of the radical group “C14” attacked the pensioners who came to the May Day demonstration. Ukrinform reports they attacked the old people shouting “Ukraine is free!” And “Commies to the gibbet.”

The police on duty tried to stop the radicals, but some managed to break through the cordon. They pulled red flags and posters from the hands of pensioners, trampled them and slapped grandmothers and grandfathers around. Finally the police were able to restrain the attackers, and none managed to seriously injure the pensioners.

Later, on the group’s social network page, there appeared the entries “C14 congratulates you on the holidays, red flowers.” The unchanging traditions of infecting red-bellies since 2007!” At the same time, the radicals deleted comments  that only cowards attack old people and children, while such comments as like “Just Wait for May 9! Send the reddish spawn to hell! Appeals to “Knife the viterans” (spelling of sources preserved) in the community were not deleted.

Recall that Ukraine celebrates Victory Day as an official holiday this year for the last time. The Verkhovna Rada (Verkhovna Rada) will not have time to pass a new law on state holidays before May 9, 2017 – it will cease even to be a day off.

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“This year, May 9 is considered Victory Day and will still remain a day off, as the bill will not be technically taken up. Another thing is that at the moment the chances of this law getting voted down are minimal.” In the rally, the supporters of the bill have an overwhelming majority. On the rupture of historical ties, including with Russia.The Verkhovna Rada recognizes that authorities operate according to the formula: a new history – new approaches,

In 2011, on Victory Day, Lviv nationalists beat veterans of the Great Patriotic War, burned red flags, St. George ribbons and even attacked the employees of the Consulate General of Russia, trampling a wreath with a ribbon in the colors of the Russian national flag at the Memorial on Glory Hill.

Entrance, Hill of Glory, Lvov

Beginning in 2018, Ukraine will celebrate the day of reconciliation “in a European way,” erasing an important historic holiday from the memory of its people. Earlier, the president of Ukraine had already canceled the celebration on February 23, not only de iure, but also banned marking the day in fact, in the home. Therefore, the desire to celebrate Victory Day on another day is understandable – they are “Europeans,” which means they will celebrate the end of World War II — and remember the victims of the Soviet occupation on May 8.

Back in 2014, some regions of Ukraine forbade “Moskali” to parade on May 9 – as they said, “for reasons of morality and security.” Well, now Ukraine will celebrate the day of the heroes of UNSO and UPA on May 9. By the way, as early as 2014 the media reported that “it is planned to mark the end of the Second World War in Europe with a funeral Day of Memory of the victims of the Soviet occupation and set it on May 8 by analogy with Europe.”

“We will still step forward,” – representatives of veteran organizations of Ukraine are already asserting, “We were not afraid of the German, we will not be afraid of his geeks.”

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