Russia good for Europe’s defense industries

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May 27, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Russian Spring,  translated by Tom Winter

British Vanguard submarine laden with Trident II missiles

Europe is preparing to challenge Russian weaponry (PHOTO) | Russian Spring
European countries spend billions on upgrading their weapons in order to “challenge” Russian “supertanks,” writes the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

The newspaper found out what the “military giants of the continent and Russia’s most aggressive neighbors” are investing in.

In Germany, the defense industry is increasing not only exports, but also domestic sales: up this year by 7%. Berlin will spend almost 800 million euros to modernize hundreds of tanks like Leopard-2 and over 4.5 billion for the construction of MKS 180 frigates. 

The Rheinmetall and Krauss-Maffei Wegman firms received an order for the production of 131 Boxer armored personnel carriers, and the contract amount reaches almost half a billion euros.

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German armored personnel carrier Boxer

Europe’s largest arms deal is expected to be the development of the German-French tank Main Ground Combat System (“Ground Combat System”), designed to compete with the Russian T-14 “Armata.” Work on its creation is already under way, but the first machines will not be introduced until 2030.

In France, the military industry is also receiving large orders from the defense department. In particular, the Scorpion program for the purchase of 1,668 Griffon armored vehicles and 248 Jaguar armored vehicles involves financing up to five billion euros.

Another big contract is for the construction of five frigates of the new Belharra class for 3.8 billion euros. The DCNS firm is engaged in the production of these ships, and the Thales company is to supply the radar and electronic equipment. In addition, the French military continues to order fourth generation Rafale fighters.

Great Britain
The UK is investing in all types of weapons, from aircraft carriers to submarines. New aircraft carriers of the “Queen Elizabeth” class, each of which is capable of carrying 40 aircraft, will cost more than six billion dollars. The project involves the British companies BAE Systems and Babcock International, as well as the French Thales. Another major investment is the replacement of four strategic submarines such as Vanguard, which is estimated at approximately $290 billion.

Eastern Europe
Among the countries of Eastern Europe, Poland is investing most in the modernization of armaments. The country is negotiating the purchase of the US Patriot anti-missile system, is developing cyber defense and plans to buy new ships. On the agenda for rearmament of the army: out of 952 tanks from Warsaw, only 247 are counted as modern.

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