Russian air defense systems on full alert after North Korean launch

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May 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RusVesna-Translation by James Harmon

Russian air defense systems in the Far East are on high alert after North Korea’s recent missile launches. Russia understands that it is not the purpose of the launch to attack an ally, but The government feels that they should protect themselves from possible incidents, Viktor Ozerov told RIA Novosti the head of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security .

At 5.28 on Sunday, North Korea carried out a rocket launch from its west coast of County Kuson Pyongan Province. The rocket flew for 30 minutes, the flight distance was 800 kilometers. It ended up crashing into the Sea of ​​Japan, 400 kilometers east of the Korean Peninsula, presumably outside the economic zone of Japan.

The trajectory was set under a deliberately high angle to increase the height, thereby reducing the distance from the starting location to the point of impact, ensuring the rocket would fail, North Korea states.

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“We can not fail to understand that the Russian territory is not the object of attack, but is a possible accidental place of impact. But in order to protect ourselves from possible incidents, we keep our air defense systems in the Far East in a state of high alert, “- said Ozerov.

Speaking of Washington’s reaction to North Korea’s rocket launch, Ozerov said that Russia is able to independently analyze external threats, while US joint exercises and South Korea near the border of the DPRK do not contribute to the positive settlement of the situation around North Korea’s missile program.

Earlier, the US government said that the last missile launch North Korea is not be “good news” for Russia, as it has been made close to its border.

“Russia has long since learned to analyze the international situation and the threats to its security. But the US military exercises and South Korea, which are held close to the borders of North Korea, is not an argument that can induce Pyongyang to give up runs, “- said the head of the committee.

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