State Department Offers $10 Million Reward on Information About Syria’s Al Qaeda Chief

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May 10th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –             

US Department of State has offered a $ 10 million reward on information about the exact location of Muhammad Al Jawlani, leader of Syria’s Al Qaeda branch known as “Al Nusra Front”.

Between April and May 2013, Joulani pledged his allegiance to Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri, however, he refused to pledge to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS in July 2016.

Although Jawlani tried to change the name of his organization several times in the past and even attempted to include elements of other factions of the Syrian opposition, this did not help him as he continued to be designated as a terrorist by the US. 

The US imposed sanctions on Jawlani in May 2013 and warned all US citizens and businesses about not doing business with him, while also freezing any of his financial assets left and those of his associates. 

A statement, issued by Department of State, reads that Jawlani, the leader of Al Nusra Front carried out multiple terror attacks throughout Syria and often targeted civilians, adding that he also participated in the kidnapping of some 300 Kurdish civilians at a military checkpoint in April 2015 and claimed responsibility for the massacre of 20 Druze civilians in Qalb Lawzah, a town located within the countryside of Syria’s north-western province of Idleb.

The statement then goes on saying that although his movement later merged with other opposition groups under the name of “Tahrir Al Sham”, it is still using Al Nusra Front elements as its core base. Although Jawlani is not the leader of the new alliance, he nonetheless remains its de facto leader. 

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