Syria and Messianic Green Buses of Hope

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May 15th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – – – written by Ali Makhlouf – – translated by Samer Hussein – 

Instead of heroes, riding on the winning horses, we now see green buses, waiting at the entrance of each area, previously held by terrorist groups. The once brave disciples of NATO’s Mujaheed Playboy democracy, are now desperately awaiting their departure towards Jarablus and places in Idleb province (that have since turned into a garbage dump for all terrorist and extremist groups there are), as the most humble servants.

A recent scene from the embattled Damascene district of Qaboun which just got liberated by the Syrian army, was only one of the many deja vus, previously seen in Moadamieh, Daraya, Khaldiyeh, Rastan, Bab Amro and other places throughout Syria, with the now trademarked “buses of last hope” that eventually come to pick up the jihadists and transport them to Erdogan’s Promised Land in Jarablus in the eastern Aleppo countryside or terrorist-occupied places in the Idleb province.

Right in Idleb, otherwise a final destination for many of the terrorists and their families, there recently was a fierce battle between the terrorists of Erdogan’s Ahrar Al Sham and Joulani’s Tahrir Al Sham near the town of Saraqib city, after Ahrar Al Sham decided to start drawing a red line for Joulani’s goons in such strategically sensitive and contested area, with particular importance for many of the global and regional powers, Turkey and United States including. The things will only escalate after more jihadists will arrive from the recently liberated areas. Deciding their own fate will not be easy, as they will be met with a rather tough decision – either to join Erdogan or Joulani. 

Speaking about Jarablus, it shall be noted that quite a few of the militants and their families have returned back to where they came from due to alleged mistreatment by Erdogan’s goons there, and here lies the greatest paradox of the Syrian conflict: it turns out now that the Syrian government-held areas are a much friendlier place than those, held under the occupation of apostles of Islamo-democratic prophets that have been fueling the sectarian fire for the past several years. 

With the recent victories in Al Qaboun and Barzeh, as well as the sudden sacking of  Sabaa Biar area near the Iraqi Border, following the news on amassing of thousands of foreign troops at Jordanian border, Damascus has sent a rather strong message that its army will not only hold the fort around Damascus, but elsewhere in the country (and perhaps even beyond) too.

This is a spit in the face, not only for terrorist groups, but their regional backers and supporters, particularly Turkey and Jordan, as well. For the latter and its Atlanticist masters this is especially devastating as their dream of creating a buffer zone in order to keep Syria and Iraq apart at the southern border side, has suddenly turned into their worst nightmare upon realizing that the strong and successful anti-ISIS Syrian and Iraqi cooperation will not cease to exist anytime soon. 

The boldness of the message is further evident from how the deputy special UN envoy for Syria Ramzi Izz Al Din Ramzi, who not long ago visited Damascus, literally begged the Syrian government to participate in the forthcoming round of Geneva talks. Once again, a thank goes, first and foremost, to the victories of the Syrian Army.

Aside from that, the success of the new Russian initiative on creating the four de-escalation zones within Syrian territory, shall also be mentioned. Not only this is having a rather positive effect on civilian population, living in those areas and which is now relatively safe from the threat of war, it also eases things for the Syrian Army that now no longer needs to waste its precious time, weapons and manpower on terrorists, in addition to also standing in the way of Atlanticists and their dream of partitioning Syria.

The success of the safe-zones agreement, brokered during the last talks in Astana, encouraged Russia to take the initiative even further and invite even more regional and international players to cooperate.

However, right now it is too early to speak about the long-term effects about the latest Russian efforts as they have only been in place for a short period of time.

For the time being, majority of the terrorists still have two main options available: either to board the green buses to “paradise”, heading towards Idleb and Jarablus or descend to hell by shaking their hands with an Angel of Death, wearing a camouflage uniform and carrying a scythe with two green stars.

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