Syria: Army Saves Nature Reserve From the Hands of the Terrorists, Makes new Gains around Damascus, Palmyra and Deir Ez Zour

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May 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein – 

On Friday morning, units of the Syrian Army foiled a larger-scale ISIS attack on several army checkpoints, located between Aleppo province’s Khanaser and Hama province’s Atherya.

According to the field reports, 20 terrorists were killed and many more were left wounded as a result of the counter-offensive, in addition to having a bunch of their vehicles destroyed. Military sources confirmed that stability and security have since been restored to Aleppo-Khanaser-Atherya area. The traffic movement is said to be normal at the moment.

The Syrian Army has also made advancements in Damascus countryside. In the district of Qaboun, army units managed to seal the eastern corridor of the district, built by the terrorists of Al Rahman terrorists. 5 of the terrorists were killed in the clashes and 2 tunnels were destroyed.

Good news are coming form the Homs province. On Friday, Syrian Army managed to take control of Talila Nature Reserve, located 25km east of Palmyra. A strategic quarry, dubbed as “Mushayrifah S” was also captured today. This is a rather great achievement, due to being the highest point in the area, thus providing an excellent overview of the ISIS-occupied places in the vicinity.

In the province of Deir Ez Zour, Syrian forces made new advancemets by capturing Al Muhadad Mountain ridge, located near Zaza triangle in the Eastern Badiyah region of the province, in direction towards the Iraqi border.


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