Syria: More ISIS Targets in Deir Ez Zour Destroyed, Army Responds to the Jordanian Border Provocations, Terrorists Violate Ceasefire by Killing 5 Soldiers

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May 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein – 

Supported by the Syrian Air Force, units of the Syrian Army destroyed several ISIS positions and vehicles during clashes in Deir Ez Zour. province

A guided missile was used to destroy a tank, belonging to ISIS terrorists in the graveyard areas, located at the south-western outskirts of Deir Ez Zour city, resulting in annihilation of dozens of terrorists.

Operations come amid severe violence against Syrian civilians by ISIS. 

On Monday, ISIS terrorists crucified a young man in the city of Al Bukamal and whipped another one in the village of Al Taas, located in in the western countryside of Deir Ez Zour province.

Reports came about the abduction of 4 citizens and thievery of more than 500 sheep by ISIS terrorists in an area between the villages of Al Kabar and Al Jazrat.

On Tuesday, Syrian forces also completed the first phase of securing the Syrian-Iraqi border amid the large amassing of the US, British and Jordanian troops at the Syrian-Jordanian border. It is believed they are trying to take control over the southern Syrian-Iraq border. Units of the Syrian Army already made 45 km further advancements towards the Iraqi border and took control of the town of Sabaa Biar and the two surrounding hills. 

In the embattled Damascene suburb of Eastern Ghouta, Erdogan-backed terrorist group Jaish Al Islam targeted Syrian Army checkpoints, obviously violating the Russia/Turkey/Iran-brokered “safe zones” agreement which also includes the entire area of Eastern Ghouta. Five soldiers were killed in the assault.

Meanwhile, reports came that Hay’at Tahrir Al Sham and Al Nusra Front made some withdrawals from the northern countryside of Hama province in order to go after terrorists of Ahrar Al Sham, lurking in Jabal Sheikh Barakat in the countryside of Aleppo province. 

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