Trump and Maoism


May 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

 – Op-ed by Joaquin Flores –  

The Maoists introduced the world to a critical and relevant concept – that a person or organization could be ‘objectively pro-imperialist’. This meant that despite one’s intentions or political line, if the materially determined, that is, objective outcome was that it aided, abetted, or in some tangible way engendered imperialism – then one was objectively pro-imperialist. 

Those among the establishment, both democrat and republican, who attack Trump for whatever ostensible reason, do so with the knowing intention of trying to push upon Trump an imperialist course which is overtly violent and murderous. The US is an imperialist country regardless of its president. But how many people get murdered a long the way actually does matter, especially if you or someone you love happens to be one of imperialism’s victims. 

So-called ‘revolutionaries’ (yes, even Maoists and other communists) who attack Trump by name – not the US establishment, not capitalism, not imperialism by itself – but who name Trump or also name Trump – are of course engaging in opportunism of the most well known type, left-tailism, and so forth as criticized and laid out in the general Leninist tradition. 

But any US activist, regardless of how radical or revolutionary they are in their hearts or convince others, they are *OBJECTIVELY PRO-IMPERIALIST” when they name Trump and single him out, and help the Republican establishment put pressure on Trump. The aim of the latter is to push Trump on a harder imperialist course, even if they have to impeach him or threaten to, to get him to do that. And the ‘activists’ engaged in anti-Trump rhetoric and political work are …..

…. <<Objectively pro-imperialist >> !!

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