Ukraine: deeper into censorship at home, further into war in Donbass

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May 20, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

peupleslibres-nouvelle-russie, translated by Tom Winter –

In Ukraine, the Poroshenko regime continues to sink every passing week into an increasingly visible dictatorship. The primal Russophobia distilled by the putschist junta proves that the Kiev regime is trembling more and more in the face of the anger rising among civil society in the face of wasteful extravagance (Eurovision — 30 million dollars), corruption — still ongoing and never punished — a war in the Donbass which was to last only 3 months, when it has just entered its fourth year, but above all there is this willingness to fight the essence of a large part of the Ukrainian people by attacking their symbols (St. George ribbon), or by not doing a parade for May 9 in tribute to the men and women who died during the Second World War. Not only has there been no parade this year, but filling out the stupidity, any celebrations — reduced to minimal portions — are advanced to May 8 for next year! Why May 8? Not to be like Russia! That is a measure of the extent this corrupt and mortifying regime is reduced!

But where the junta makes a more serious mistake, it is by wanting to block the network VK (the Russian facebook). Nearly 25 million Ukrainians use these services for work or just to keep in touch with family or friends.
To this censorship of VK, when you add Yandex (11 million users in Ukraine) and (25 million users in Ukraine), then you can imagine the anger rumbling through the population.

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Even crazier: the ban on companies using Russian designed software! This is first class software, used by companies for their accounting. Already the Ukrainian economy, which survives only thanks to international aid, is in a bad state, and we expect that this “good news” will delight business leaders, especially the smaller scale businesses and industries!

While Poroshenko and his government are sinking Ukraine further and further into the dictatorship, in the Donbass, the army of the Kiev regime continues the murderous and destructive bombings: Only yesterday evening no less than 12 houses and 2 schools were damaged by the Ukrainian artillery fire!

Donetsk, Gorlovka and Yasinovataya are the cities where these destructions took place.
Unfortunately, two civilians paid the burden of the previous day’s bombing. Last night in Yasinovataya, a woman born in 1955 was killed and a man born in 1983 was seriously injured. 

What will be the next madness of this junta, supported by Washington, Canada and the EU? No one knows, but I do not doubt for one minute the capability of their perverse imagination to invent new and other decrees that will plunge Ukraine and its people even further into the abyss of ridicule — and also to its final fall which will come one day!

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