Ukrainian soldiers, disgusted with officers’ drunken ways, pillory them with strapping tape

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May 15, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

After seeing a write-up in DONiPRESS, and in Politnavigator, we went to their source, the fb post of Yuri Misyagin, and translated…

“Yes, heroes, with a BAC over 4!”

I simply can’t stand drunkenness in the army.

Everyone has already seen these photos showing the major and the captain of the 54th brigade strapped to a post with strapping tape: they have been all over the internet for a week.

Now, at the 54th encampment, the commission of inquiry has returned. They are turning the 54th brigade inside out, looking for those who tied, who untied.

So you tell me, to what level should the respect for the officers fall, and what should the officer “do” to merit getting tied to a pole at the training ground ??

And I’ll answer you …

What uniform, and what honor are we talking about, if “the honor of the uniform” was plunging to a loss of heart rate and getting drunk in a ditch ?!

There, the major had more than .400 BAC after the blowdown. Yes, you did not misread, MORE than 4. It seems that after such a result a person is no longer among the living.***

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The captain had a lower BAC than the major, but it still was off the scale. I remember him earlier on the Svetlodar arc. He is a new man in the brigade, but he managed to drink well.

Let the commission ask any of the fighters about these “officers,” all will have one answer – avatars.

But no, the commission will “sit” on the site a week or two, turn everyone inside out and look for extreme ones.

May you be men. Go out and say: “Yes there is such a problem.”

And throw them the fuck out of the army.

But then there are the journalists who covered the subject on the encampment, even some of the more distinguished :))

They presented these two as heroes of battles on the Svetlodarskaya arc.

Yes, heroes, with a BAC over 4.



BAC over 4 sometimes fatal: Blood Alcohol scale.

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