Ukrainians in search of work flood Estonia


May 2, 2016 – Fort Russ News –

– Sputnik France, translated by Tom Winter –

According to the Estonian Police and Border Guard Department, in the first four months of 2017, the number of Ukrainians temporarily employed in Estonia is already higher than in all of 2016. 

This forces the government to reconsider the number of entry quotas for Ukrainians.

The number of Ukrainian citizens who have arrived in Estonia for work is booming. In 2016 their number was 1,226 people, as of April 25, 2017, it already equals the 1,264 people, says ERR.EE [Estonian Public Broadcasting -tr]. According to an Estonian expert, the government of the country must take measures accordingly.

The President of the Confederation of Estonian Employers, Toomas Tamsar, believes that the quota of entries must be re-examined, or the number of Ukrainians working illegally will increase. The revision of the quota will help rebalance the legal distribution of jobs among immigrants.

Toomas Tamsar explained his position: “Though the number of vacancies increases, we see that the number of unemployed is also increasing. The reason is simple, the qualifications of people do not match up with job offers. We are short of labor today, and the same situation is likely to persist in the future, so it is necessary to review the quotas.”

The head of the Foundation for Integration and Migration “Our People” (MISA), Dmitri Burnashev, also noted that Ukrainian interest in Estonia was growing. Representatives of the Estonian Ministry of the Interior said that the issue of entry quotas was currently being analyzed and that the government will once again address the problem again this month.

In addition, Lithuania is also facing an invasion of Ukrainian workers. 

The Lithuanian portal recently published a journalistic survey on the fate of migrant workers from Ukraine. According to official data, Ukrainians accounted for almost 60% of all foreign workers in Lithuania in 2016.

However, as reporters say, Ukrainian workers are often victims of fraud. A mafia network is at large in Lithuania: mediators arrogate their incomes, leaving their victims only a morsel of bread.

The deceived Ukrainians often complain of such cases to the police, prosecutors and the labor inspectorate. The staff of these institutions does not deny the existence of the problem. The deputy head of the Labor Inspection Department, Gediminas Noreika, acknowledged the existence of this mafia network.

“We received the first signals last year. The current trend is notable – in Lithuania, there is a market of Ukrainians,” said Gediminas Noreika.

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