“We Will Not Allow Americans to Split up Iraq” – Al Amiri

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May 30th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Hadi Al Amiri, leader of Badr Organisation, an Iraqi political party, associated with Al Hashd Al Sha’abi, Iraqi’s largest paramilitary group, said he will not allow the American side to take control of the Iraqi border with Syria.

He also said that Al Hashd Al Sha’abi will begin a large-scale operation on Tuesday in order to cleanse the entire border area with Syria of ISIS terrorists, a thing that would eventually allow the Iraqi forces to take complete control of the border, in addition to cutting all ISIS supply routes with Syria.

Al Amiri assured Al Hashd Al Sha’abi will not enter the Syrian soil without the approval of the Syrian government with whom they also aim to cooperate and coordinate, noting that security of Iraq first and foremost depends on elimination of ISIS in Syria.

He then explained the operation will be beneficial for both, Syrian and the Iraqi forces as it would help to annihilate the threat of terrorism much faster and spare a lot of effort for the armies of both countries. 

Al Amiri also said he will not allow the American side to take control of the Iraqi-Syrian border, stressing that US might take advantage of the situation and start to interfere with Syrian and Iraqi territorial integrity. 

Regarding the operation, Al Amiri said he already discussed the matter with commander of the Iraqi armed forces, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi, with the main subject of discussion being the situation on the border with Syria, noting the prime minister himself asked Al Hashd AlSha’abi for help in order to provide considerably more sufficient back-up for the Iraqi forces operating in the vicinity of the border area. 

He then pointed out that liberating Iraqi territories is entirely in the hands of Iraqis and that Iraq will ask no-one to give permission to liberate its land.

He also stressed the US-led International Alliance against ISIS did not provide sufficient amount of help in order to crush ISIS in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city that has since almost been pulled out of the hands of ISIS, adding Washington remained more focused on splitting-up Iraq than saving it from ISIS.

“Regardless of what Washington has in mind, we will not allow a division of Iraq. We will simply not allow any country to interfere itself in our territorial integrity”, Al Amiri was heard saying.

He stressed there is a great chance the US would exploit the control of the border as an opportunity to make divisions and interference in Iraq and its sovereignty. 

Before concluding his speech, Al Amiri pointed to the existence of a newly-established Russian-Iraqi-Iranian-Syrian joint coordination committee, dedicated to destroy ISIS, adding that this is what will ultimately destroy ISIS, not the “efforts” recently made at the US-Saudi summit in the Saudi Arabian capital city of Riyadh which are, according to himself, doomed to fail.

“We’re at the center of resisting terrorism and we are the ones who will win this battle, not those who recently met in Riyadh and are secretly supporting terrorism”, said Al Amiri, adding that liberation process of Mosul would have gone much faster, if it wasn’t for ISIS terrorist still hiding in the right coast of the connector in Mosul and who frequently use civilians as human shields.

Established in 2014, Al Hashd Al Sha’abi is an Iraqi popular movement, dedicated to free the country from the threat of terrorism.

Although predominantly composed of the Shia Muslims, the group also has a notable Sunni presence, as well as many Yezidis and Christians in their ranks.

The group is aligned with the governments of Iraq, Syria and Iran.

The “Iraqi Rambo” known as “Abu Azrael” is also associated with the group. 

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