After Three Years in Captivity, Iraqi Assyrian Girl Gets Reunited With Her Family [Video]

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June 11th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –

After three years in captivity, the 5-year old Iraqi Assyrian girl Christina Abada is finally reunited with her family.

The little girl was abducted by ISIS terrorists back in August 2014, when they captured Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city. 

Not long after, ISIS made it into Qaraqosh, an Assyrian Christian-majority city, located in the Nineveh Plains, where Christina’s family lived. 

Before being ransacked by ISIS, Qaraqosh was the largest Assyrian Christian city in Iraq.

Although many Assyrians at the time left the city, Christina’s family nonetheless decided to remain due to Christina’s father being blind.

Later, ISIS terrorists rounded up all remaining Christians and took their possessions.

Eventually, Christina’s family were forced to get evacuated and board the bus.

Her mother Aida still recalls the horrors when Christina was forcefully taken away from her lap by ISIS terrorists while on the bus.

Until 3 days ago, this was the last contact of Christina with any of her family members.

During the first two years of Christina’s abduction, there were frequent rumours about her being alive, however, during the past year the rumours started to become sparse and fears were arising about the worst.

Christina’s story was mentioned in a three-part documentary titled “The Victims of ISIS”, created by Lebanese journalist Hala Bou Saab, which was also the first publication in the world to reveal her story.

3 days ago, however, the girl was finally rescued by the Iraqi special forces during their anti-ISIS operations in Mosul area and later reunited with her family who now live in the Ashti refugee camp near Erbil. 

Her return was met with the great joy and some people even called it a miracle. 

But what hurts Aida, the mother of Christina, the most is that her daughter was not able to identify or remember any of her close relatives and does not seem to be responding back when they try to talk to her.

The girl, who will soon celebrate her 6th birthday, is now slowly being integrated back into her former life.


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