Armenia. Metsamor nuclear plant renovation to begin in 2018

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June 17th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
-Notizie Geopolitiche – – translated by Frederick Assar –

The Armenian nuclear power plant in Metsamor will be upgraded and modernised in 2018-2019. The renovation is supposed to extend the useful life of the plant until 2026.

The works will be carried out by the Russian giant Rosatom, which in 2014 signed a contract with the Armenian government for the modernisation of the VVER-440 reactor, cooling towers, turbines, and the security and control system. Object of the upgrade will be Unit 2 – the only active one.
The project will be funded by a loan granted by the government of Moscow.

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The Metsamor nuclear power plant was built in 1970 just a few kilometres from the capital Erevan. It currently accounts for over 33% of the national electricity demand. Of the two VVER440 V-230 Vortex reactors only one is running and generates a power of 408 MW. The decommissioning of the unit was scheduled for 2016 but, thanks to these renovations, it will stay operational until 2026.

In 1988, following the devastating earthquake in Spitak, the Armenian government decided to halt the activities of the power station, but resumed them in 1993, amidst Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s strong protests – which have always been in bad diplomatic relations with Yerevan – who still argue Today that Metsamor is a danger to the security of the whole region. The IAA engineers (International Atomic Energy Agency) – following their inspection – however, gave their positive opinion on the continued production of electricity.

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