Erdogan Upset Over Calls to Close the Turkish Military Base in Qatar


June 25th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –       

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his country supports Qatar in responding to the list of demands, previously made by several Gulf Cooperation Council states and Egypt, currently involved in a diplomatic row with Qatar, adding that calls for the closure of a Turkish military base in Qatar point to a complete “lack of respect” for Turkey among these countries. 

He also said that Turkey offered to set up a military base in Saudi Arabia, although Riyadh did not respond to the proposal. 

On Saturday, the Qatari Foreign Ministry affirmed that the government in Doha is currently looking into requests, made by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt and will soon prepare a formal response to the list of demands, submitted by Kuwait on behalf of the rest of the states, stressing that blockade of Qatar is illegal and has nothing to do with fight against terrorism, in addition to badly affecting the country ‘s sovereignty. 

For his part, the UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Anwar Mohammed Qarqash, said the  mediators, currently involved in resolving the diplomatic dispute with Qatar, should be given an opportunity to finish their work so that a solution will be reached through diplomatic efforts, rather than by use of force. 

Previously, Kuwait was responsible for handing over a list of demands to Qatar, made by Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt.

It shall be noted that all these countries completely severed their ties with Qatar, citing terrorism and meddling in internal affairs as the two main reasons behind their decision.

The list reportedly includes 133 demands that need to be fulfilled by Doha within 10 days.

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