Europe and the Head of Hydra That Nobody Wants to Cut

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June 9th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Analysis for FRN by Samer Hussein –

In the last 3 years, we witnessed several terror attacks across Europe. Munich. Paris. Berlin. London. Nice. Manchester. Stockholm, etc., … the list goes on.

What do they all have in common? They were executed within a relatively short time frame, are the work of ISIS and took place in the EU member states, particular the ones who, up to this day, provide their extensive support for terrorist activities of the so-called “moderates”.

Ever since its inception by the powers of Atlanticist block back in 1949, life in EU has never been so threatening for ordinary citizens. Things that were unimaginable some 20 years ago, have now become everyday reality. 

Over the past two decades, and especially after 9/11, EU leaders became increasingly involved in oversea wars, led by United States government and the globalist establishment. This led to some drastic changes, previously not known to EU citizens. 

The first visible changes were new trends, related to demographics. All of a sudden, a vast number of EU countries were flooded with migrants from particular countries, often lacking basic education and conditions that would suffice for at least a very basic integration. Many were asking themselves what is a sudden interest of certain European states to receive and support large numbers of immigrants, not willing to integrate or even learn the basics of the language of their new hosting countries and get employed. 

With the outbreak of wars in Syria and Libya, things finally became clear. Unfortunately not for the majority of average EU citizens who continued to follow their leaders (and most of whom do so to this very day), not knowing that masses were not brought into Europe just for the kicks, rather they were brought in with a carefully chosen purpose – to be used as cannon fodder in the ongoing and future conflicts, led by US and sponsored by Saudi and Gulf monarchs. 

It is therefore nothing surprising that a great proportion of all active jihadists, participating in the ongoing conflicts in Libya, Syria and Iraq, hold citizenship of at least one EU member state. Initially, the EU leaders though they fought off a rather good bargain – bring in some people, feed them some crumbs and then send them to destroy the so-called “rogue states” and the stocks will skyrocket. 

But the “bargain deal” the EU leaders made resulted in one thing, they didn’t count on in the beginning – a relatively high interest rate. Gaddafi fell, Libya was destroyed and oil was stolen. Assad did not fall (and that was the first negative surprise, actually), however, Syria nevertheless got devastated, all possible sanctions against it were introduced, in addition to being forced to use most of its monetary reserves in order to prevent its collapse.

There is, of course, one thing they did not predict from the start: the dogs came back and bit the owner. The angry pack of dogs was supposed to devour Syria, not come back and deal fatal wound to political careers of Francois Hollande and the likes. 

The liberals often like to argue that although Europe does have “some” problems with Islamic terrorism, its biggest threat nonetheless comes from domestic nationalist and “racist neo-nazi far right” groups. While there could be some cases of these groups acting violently, with the exception of Breivik, there weren’t any high profile cases that could be labeled as “terrorism”. 

And even Breivik was a lone wolf terrorist who became known to public after he accomplished his horrible deed (that mostly claimed the lives of white Norwegian Christians). He hasn’t gone on “jihad” prior to that and he hasn’t been calling for terrorist actions months or even years prior which was the case with ISIS-related attacks.

Apart from that, a significant number of extreme nationalist and islamophobic groups emerged after the blood on the European soil was already spilled. For the time being, majority of these groups have relatively small following of people, who participate in their political activities alongside their daily lives and daily jobs. 

Although sometimes violence is involved as there were some reports on attacks on foreigners as well as political opponents, the level of “threat” these groups pose when compared to ISIS and Al Qaeda cells operating in Europe, is of course very marginal as they are nowhere near these cell as regards organisation, experience, trainability and access to weapons or explosive devices.

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Furthermore, a significant number of people, now in these groups, joined due to their dissatisfaction with existing policies of their governments as well as due to feeling threatened, in particularly after seeing or even experiencing one of the terror attacks from a rather close range. 

A very worrying thing about all these attacks is that none of them ever change anything. Even the highest-possible security measures that are really getting into people’s way seem to be immune to terror attacks. The terrorists of ISIS can literally carry out their attacks as if everything around them would just freeze and they can freely do whatever they want. Now, a question arises: how is that even possible, given the alleged full force war on terror? 

While some might argue that this is related to the fact that ISIS are a sophisticated group, filled with skilled, experienced and educated cadre or that the attacks are consequences of misfortunate security flaws that occur only at certain occasions, it’s nevertheless important to know that such claims are completely detached from reality. ISIS “embarrassed” itself in front of the Syrian Army dozens of times already. 

Europe as a whole did not have terrorism-related problems prior to when? Before its ruling elites made full commitment to participate in the ongoing and future global conflicts, led by the US governments and the global corporations and of course financed by Saudi and Gulf monarchs. 

During that time, lots of things changed. Major changes were made to Europe’s demographical structure, specific forms of radical Islam and its teachings, despite being at odds with human right declarations and constitutions of European nations, were allowed and introduced, thousands, if not millions of people not willing to accept the culture of their hosting nations, were granted access to Europe.

It is noteworthy that around the same time dozens of educated and other people willing to fully integrate wanted to migrate to Europe from the very same countries where radicals came from, often because their lives were at stake (death sentencing for merely criticizing their leaders), yet “strangely” their requests were turned down due to “not being endangered”.

A thing that shall not be forgotten is that Europe has a bit “dark” colonial past and there naturally are consequences to this very day, however, that colonial past has nothing to do with ISIS or Al Qaeda attacks of the present day. 

The latter are a pure globalist invention, created with the purpose of forcing the globalist agenda upon the people and scarring them into believing in propaganda of establishment and its Don Quixotic fight against ISIS as the only path leading out of the terror-infested forest of misery. 

Speaking of terrorism in Europe, it is not possible to avoid looking at the increased number of the openly islamophobic parties and groups that have started to emerge or managed to increase their membership amid the wave of terror attacks. It is understandable that people want security and are thus looking to join forces with the groups that might grant them some safety. 

What is, however, problematic here, is that several of these groups never really tell their followers what is really going on and where the root of the problem lies. In other words, they never really tell the main problem here is not only existence of radical Islam such as Salafism and Wahhabism, but the fact that their governing elites are allowing the growth of these forms of radical Islam, even tolerating them to manifest themselves in some of their gruesomest manners. 

Indeed, radical forms of Islam have existed ever since the early Middle Ages. How come that until now they were not posing a security threat for Europe? Because, until the last two decades, no governing or political power opened the gates for it. There was no-one to allow it to spread through mosques, schools or institutions, nor were the people involved with it allowed to obtain their legal status as residents. 

All this brings up a question: is the leadership of these “islamophobic” groups really that poorly informed about the reality of events or are some, if not the majority of these groups, in fact distractions, created by the intelligence services in order to divert attention from the very root of the problem, that is the close political and economic ties of the European ruling elites with despotic rulers of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states whose islamism is now seeding death all over Europe.

If the people of Europe really want to live in peace again, then they must confront their ruling elites and force them to cease their relations with islamist powers in Turkey and the Middle East, stop collaborating in the globalist conflicts worldwide and (what is particularly important) to radically change the immigration and integration policies that would no longer permit the people with such extremist leanings to settle in their countries. After all, European countries have constitutions that guarantee human rights and freedom of expression and prohibit their violations, a thing that Salafism and Wahhabism exactly do.

If in the vast majority of all European countries only a mere expression of sympathy towards Fascism or Nazism can often result in rigorous sentences, then something similar should also be expected for the cases of Salafism and Wahhabism, the two ideologies that indeed pose a major security threat for all citizens, however this doesn’t seem to be the case, speaking of which, one cannot but to wonder: where have all these principles and values that modern Europe is said to stand upon, gone? Equality and democracy anyone? 

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