Former Nuclear Powers commanders: negotiations with North Korea and Russia-NATO dialogue are paramount


June 29th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Sputnik Italia – – translated by Frederick Assar –

“The International Group of Former Military Force Commanders are calling on US President Trump to initiate direct negotiations with North Korea, to immediately start the dialogue between US, Russia and NATO, and establish a direct line between India and Pakistan on the nuclear issue” reports ‘Politico’.

“According to the Nuclear Crisis Group, the risk of intentional or random use of nuclear weapons is unacceptably high, and all governments should adopt constructive solutions to limit this risk”, said  former military directors and diplomats from several governments (Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and the US) in a 11-page report that indicates the most pressing issues in the nuclear field.

“The Crisis Group was founded earlier this year under the auspices of Global Zero, the leading arms control organisation, which works for the total abolition of nuclear weapons”, the publication says.

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The main concern is raised by North Korea, which will continue to test long-range missiles and conduct nuclear tests, the newspaper says.

“As far as Russia is concerned,  former  military commanders  of nuclear powers have said that the growing tension between the United States and their European allies and Moscow calls for urgent action by all sides, including scale restrictions, the nature and the secrecy of military exercises” says the article.

“I think everyone here agrees that the issue with Russia is much more risky than people think,” said co-founder of Global Zero Bruce Blair. The risk of an escalation is generally underestimated. We are concerned about the worsening  diplomatic situation between the West and Russia, which could lead to the use of nuclear weapons”. 

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