Gazprom: new anti-Russian sanctions threaten gas deliveries to Europe


June 22nd, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Sputnik Italia – – translated by Frederick Assar –

The new anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Washington threaten gas deliveries to Europe, says the chairman of Gazprom’s board of directors and representative of the president of the Forum for gas exporters Viktor Zubkov.

Zubkov described the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project for Russia and Europe:

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“Just when the project has already reached a good level of achievement, when the main survey has already been done and 1000km worth of pipes have already been placed, here come the recurrent rumours about the increase in anti-Russian sanctions in the energy sector,” he said at the meeting of the Austro-Russian Business Council on the tenth anniversary of its creation.

Zubkov is convinced that these sanctions are motivated by US economic interests, driven by American energy lobbies in Europe.

He recalled that German Foreign Ministry Sigmar Gabriel and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern – backed by Angela Merkel – criticized the decision to tighten the sanctions.

“They find it unacceptable that US sanctions against Russia suffocate the European economy and – in fact – punish local companies. Namely, Austrian OMV would perish under the sanctions regime. We feel it is wrong that Europe, Austria and Germany support this project, “said Zubkov.

The head of Gazprom’s board of directors also pointed out that none of the partners in the “Nord Stream 2” group declared the exit after the news that the sanctions would have been tightened.

“On the contrary, all partners are positive about the realization of the work, and proceed as usual”, Zubkov added.

President Dmitry Peskov’s press officer said Washington’s ambition to impose new anti-Russian measures could result in a new round of sanctions. New sanctions have led to disappointment in the EU. 

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