General Vatutin, replaced on the streets of Kiev by Shukevich, leaves Ukraine for Rostov


Jne 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

“Route of the liner General Vatutin.” Orange: “Planned route.” Purple: Changed route.

Translator comment: The Kiev city council changed the name of Vatutin Prospect to Shukevich Prospect on June one, thus eschewing the WWII hero for the notorious Nazi collaborator. Apt, then, that the river-and-sea cruiser bearing the hero’s name left Ukraine on that same day and came home! Other sources report that there were no passengers aboard, just the captain and a crew, totaling 14 persons.

The tourist motor ship “General Vatutin,” which came from Kiev, has arrived in the port of Rostov-on-Don, RIA Novosti reports. There it will have to pass customs control.

It was reported yesterday that the vessel will serve river cruises in Russia. Before the navigation begins, the liner must be entered into the river register. The upcoming routes for General Vatutin are not yet specified.

According to ATOR, the ship was purchased from the Ukrainian owner by the company Skypoint, registered in the Seychelles, for its subsidiary in Russia. The liner passed a border check: nothing suspicious was found.

On June 6, it became known that the river-sea class ship, instead of going to the port of Odessa, began to move through the Kerch Strait in the direction of Russia, heading for Rostov-on-Don.

Approaching the strait, it did not apply for the Kerch-Enikalsky channel for a long time. Upon learning of the intent of the border guards aboard, the captain turned the ship and began to leave, gaining speed. The maneuver caused suspicion among the border guards, and the ship was forced to stop. The liner left from Kiev on June 1.

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