How Syria Won the War


June 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Analysis for FRN by Samer Hussein –

Ever since the early “days of rage”, things in Syria did not go according to the plan.

Although, the so-called “revolution” was supposed to unfold in accordance with the formula, previously tried and tested in Libya, Tunis and Egypt, the events did not follow the same route of color revolution. 

It shall be noted that world powers and multinational corporations, wanting to bring down the government of Syria (and eventually to divide the state), have not jumped to their main target (Syria in that case), right at the beginning, but rather began their work by carefully testing the waters in the three aforementioned countries, under the banner of the so-called “Arab Spring”.

The more or less favourable results encouraged the player on geopolitical chessboard to take on a much tougher opponent (whose strength and rationale later turned out to be greatly underestimated by him).

Indeed, when the revolutionary wave started to sweep throughout Syria it was estimated that there will soon be significant changes, resulting from events, such as these formerly seen in Iraq and Libya.

Despite it was obvious that Syrian government would not step down without a military confrontation first and that Syria, especially because of its rather heterogenous ethnic and religious structure would be a much tougher nut to crack, no-one would, at the time, expect the conflict would last so long and bring so “devastating” results for the globalists, in the end. 

The Syrian conflict is, since the Vietnam war, the first major-scale conflict where the American dream was soon succeeded by the bitterness of reality. 

Although the globalists managed to achieve certain things, namely by forcing Syria to shrink its monetary reserves due to the ongoing situation and thus becoming considerably more dependent on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the main goal was nevertheless not achieved – Syria as such remained, is still being governed by pretty much the same government, its President became even stronger and more popular, in addition to still having its own Central Bank, one of the main reasons why the global elite has been wanting to destroy Syria for decades in the first place.

What ultimately saved Syria from drifting into the waters Libya and Iraq have sunken into, was the unity of its people. Syrians, despite some of them completely buying themselves into the Saudi-Amero project of fake sectarianist democracy, as a whole nation nonetheless rejected such provocations and rather responded by patiently seeking their right and preserving their unity, despite the extreme difficulty of the situation. The people were patiently awaiting the moment of glory that eventually, albeit after a long time and plenty of martyrs, followed. 

Merely looking at how carefully the Syrian diplomacy played its cards by always making the finest selections and strictly resorting to the rules, it soon enough became pretty obvious how the whole thing will end.

Many sociologists, analysts, politicians, orientalists and the likes, were convinced that Syria will fall within a couple weeks. This, has, however, not happened and that’s the thing that is still puzzling lots of these people. Some of them try to explain it by saying it was the Russians and the foreign volunteers who determined the outcome of the events. 

While the two, and especially the Russians, definitely had an influence on the final outcome, a highly important thing to remember is that if it wasn’t for the enormous sacrifice the Syrian Army has made over all these years, there would probably be no Russian intervention in the conflict as the situation would simply not permit it. The efforts of the Syrian Army eventually allowed the government of Syria to get into position to be able to discuss further measures against ISIS with Russia.

The war is not yet over, although the winner is already known and while a couple of Tomahawks here and there might temporarily hold the progress back, the declaration of final victory by Bashar Al Assad and his army is nevertheless inevitable by now.

Not only did the things not go in accordance with the plan, jointly created in Doha, Washington, Ankara, Paris, London, Brussels, Riyadh, etc…the even more devastating thing for the enemies and opponents of Syria are their internal conflicts that would eventually contribute to their own demise. 

The failed coup attempt on the despotic Turkish ruler Recep Tayyip Erdogan as well as the ongoing diplomatic row between Qatar and Saudi Arabia, the two largest financiers of terrorism in Syria and of course the bloody battles between the terrorists of Ahrar Al Sham and Tahrir Al Sham, are just some of the many examples that clearly show the Atlanticist bloc has lost its favourite pen that draws the geopolitical world map.

Syria basically turned out to be the graveyard for those with the “Radio Free Europe” agenda. 

The rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are now stabbing each other, instead of holding joint celebrations for getting Syria rid of its “tyrannical ruler”. Meanwhile, Bashar Al Assad is walking around the shopping malls in Damascus and is greeting his people, a thing that would, not even 5 years ago, only appear in the worst nightmares of the Washingtonites.

Indeed, what can be nicer for the commander-in-chief of the army that has accomplished pretty much all the goals by now, if not the full-scale conflict between his staunchest opponents?

Another evidence of how the war turned in Syria’s favour is the fact that Erdogan regime in Turkey now has to stick with Russia, its (former) enemy, in order to ensure its own survival, a thing that would be completely unimaginable not even a year ago.

Despite all the pressure, obstacles and difficulties, patience, strong will and strict determination turned out be the winning recipe for the Syrians and their army in particular situation. The destruction, caused by war, may be of endless proportions and the loss of lives far too great, however, at the same time, all this assured that Syria now has a much brighter and safer future secured than it did ever before.

It’s clear the donkey will not go ice-skating again any time soon, if ever. The strength of the will was too intense to crack, with those who attempted to crack it ended up cracking each other in the end. 

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