London Attack: People had to Throw Chairs at Terrorists After Unarmed Policemen Ran Away

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June 4th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Agencies – – by Samer Hussein –                          

Witnesses of Saturday night’s terror attack on London Bridge that claimed the lives of 7 people, said some of the police officers who were dispatched to the scene, were seen running away from attackers.

According to the reports that emerged in the British newspaper The Guardian, officers who were fleeing were in fact unarmed, thus forcing the civilians to defend themselves by throwing chairs at terrorists from the nearby fish restaurant.

It is not known why the officers did not try to do their best and help the civilians, rather than running away. 

All three attackers whose identity remains unknown were later shot dead by the police.

As of yet, no-one has taken responsibility for the attack that claimed the lives of at least 7 people and left some 50 others (police officers among them) injured, however, the authorities said they were confident the attack is related to terrorism.

Witnesses also said one of the attackers was spotted shouting “This is for Allah”.

The attack began with terrorists ramming a white van into pedestrians on London Bridge.

After their van crashed outside the Barrow Boy and Banker pub on Borough High Street, all three attackers, wearing fake suicide belts, ran out of the van and headed towards to Borough Market, where they stabbed four people with knives.

Some people also reported hearing the explosions.

The attack comes 11 days after Salman Abedi, a Manchester-born son of the Libyan migrants, blew himself up at Manchester Arena, during the concert of the US pop star Ariana Grande. 22 people were killed, children among them, and some 60 were left injured.

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