Lugansk residents take part in flashmob for “Russia Day”


June 12th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Novorossia Today – By Inessa Sinchougova

More than 200 people in Lugansk, Eastern Ukraine took part in a flashmob in honor of  Russia Day on 12 June, as reported by the deputy head of the Youth Association of Lugansk, Dmitry Sidorov.

On 12 June, the Russian Federation celebrates its national holiday – Russia Day. Most people get the day off work to enjoy the time with family and friends. 

“Young people in Lugansk came to the monument of WWII soldiers-liberators of the city, to support and congratulate our brothers on the Day of Russia”, – said Sidorov.

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Young people, as part of the flashmob, sang hymns of the respective countries and raised the Russian flag and the flag of the Republic.

The organizer said that for the past three years, Russia has actively supported the residents of this region.

“For three years, from the date of the proclamation of the republic, Russia has supported us. It takes part in humanitarian programs – so , for us it was a matter of honor, for us young people, to come out and congratulate them” – said Sidorov.

Ed: Today, Russia’s national holiday is controversial and isn’t welcomed by all within Russia itself. While one side argues that it celebrates the birth of the modern Russian state, the older generation generally views it as a day that seemingly celebrates the disintegration of the Soviet empire. 

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