Major Development: Syrian and Iraqi Forces Finally Meet at the Border, ISIS Collapsing in Raqqah, Palmyra and Hama, Mosul’s Complete Liberation Only Hours Away [Video]

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June 18th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein – 

Syrian and Iraqi Forces have finally met face-to-face at the Syrian-Iraqi border for the first time, on Sunday.

This marks a tremendous turning point in their common struggle against the terrorist group ISIS.

According to the field reports, units of the Syrian Army met with Iraqi Army and units of Al Hashd Al Shabi (also known as the Popular Mobilization Forces), in an area between Al Tanf border crossing and the town of Abu Kamal.

Syrian military source said the Army has so far managed to regain approx. 25,000 square kilometers of land in the Syrian Desert, close to Iraqi and Jordanian border, adding that the Syrian and Iraqi forces will continue to cooperate until security alongside entire border area is fully restored.

The operations were supported by air force and artillery units of both countries.

The Iraqi group Al Hashd Al Shaabi also gave a public statement, regarding the latest development.

One of the commanders in the group said  they are awaiting for the “zero hour” to attack ISIS in the Syrian city of Abu Kamal, located in the eastern province of Deir Ez Zour, stressing that the group will coordinate with Syrian Army and its allies, adding the next major battle with ISIS is yet to come and will be in Deir Ez Zour.

Thanks to successful efforts of the joint operations, the Iraqi forces took control of Al Waleed border crossing as well as several other important sites. Currently, the Iraqis control at least 75 km of the border length. 

Already last week, the Syrian Army said it reached an important side, located north of Al Tanf border crossing, itself  controlled by the US. 

The effort has come to a great discomfort of the US forces and as a result they struck Syrian Army several times in an attempt to hold its progress back. 

The recent development in the Syrian Desert is a part of a major-scale offensive titled the “Great Dawn”.

Its purpose is to completely liberate all desert areas in Syria as well as establishing full control at Iraqi and Jordanian border.

In addition, The Syrian state TV reported that units of the Syrian Army managed to cut off all “moderate rebel” supply routes, between Jordanian border and the town of Lajat in central Syria, on Sunday.

Syrian military sources also said the Army took control of Talila Natural Reserve, located in the eastern countryside of Palmyra.

According to the field reports, Syrian forces were aided by Russian Air Force and Hezbollah.

North of the town of Sukhna, Syrian and Russian warplanes struck an ISIS convoy that was traveling on the road that links Hama and Raqqah.

The hill of Tibarath Al Dibeh, located south of the town of Aqareb, alongside several oil wells, fell under control of the Syrian Army as well.

National Defense Forces, a volunteer group supervised by the Syrian Army, took control of the seventh point on the axis, next to the oil pipelines, east of the town of Aqareb, a major ISIS hub.

Apart from that, control over several town and villages, including Jeb Saad, Rasm Amun, Hanitha and Hasu Al Ablawi, was established. 

The Army has also made progress on the axis of Sheikh Hilal in the eastern countryside of Hama province.

Meanwhile, reports came that Iraqi Forces are fighting the last bastion of ISIS in Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city.

It is said the battle will soon be over, even in few hours, meaning the entire city of Mosul will be liberated.

This would also mark the end of ISIS’ chapter in Iraq. 

Sources of the Syrian Army assured that ceasefire agreements are still in power and that the army units will try to to everything in their power to secure their interests, especially in the newly liberated areas.

Operations are not yet finished and will continue in the coming days, with an even intensified support and coordination with the Russian and Iraqi allies.




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