Millions of Ukrainians in Russia for the jobs, but here’s the ‘patriotic’ face on it: they will rise up against Russia!

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June 28, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter –


“Кива: Миллионы украинских гастарбайтеров поднимут восстание в России” –> Kiva: Millions of guest workers will start an uprising in Russia

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Ukrainian nationalists threaten to mobilize millions of migrants from the “non-valued” who work and live in the Russian Federation, said Ilya Kiva, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in a television 112 broadcast.

A former soldier in the ATO promises that sooner or later every Ukrainian guest worker will wake up as a “patriot,” the correspondent of PolitNavigator reports.

“To date, too many Ukrainians live and are well integrated into Russian society. Russians, know that each of them will sooner or later wake up as a patriot, take a weapon and go into action for the sake of their homeland. 

“And we, therefore, will be able to destabilize the situation in the Russian Federation. There are too many of us in Russia. The time will come, and we will rise and we will be able to change their structure, and we’ll put things in order,” Kiva said.

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