NATO sued over the use of depleted uranium in its 1999 bombing of Serbia


June 16th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– L’Antidiplomatico – – translated by Frederick Assar –

Srdjan Aleksic, Serbian lawyer at the head of the legal team: “In Serbia, 33,000 people have fallen ill every year. A child every day. It’s never too late to denounce someone who has caused an environmental and health catastrophe “

An international legal team is preparing a lawsuit against NATO on the use of depleted uranium by the Atlantic Alliance during the 1999 bombing campaign over Serbia.

“With the bombing of Serbia in 1999, NATO used between 10 and 15 tonnes of depleted uranium. A huge environmental disaster occurred, ” said Srdjan Aleksic, a Serbian lawyer at the head of the legal team which also includes lawyers from European countries, Russia, China and India. The legal team was formed by the Academy of Serbian scientists and artists. “In Serbia, 33,000 people have died each year. One child per day, ” he told Russia Today.

NATO press office declined to comment on the allegations. “Considering the horrific consequences for our people (…) it’s never too late to report someone who has caused an environmental and health catastrophe, someone who bombed Serbia with near-nuclear weapons, enriched with depleted uranium,” added the lawyer.

Aleksic then suggested that the 19 countries that were part of NATO at the time must provide compensation for “financial and non-financial damage to all citizens who have died or have become ill as a proven result of the Alliance’s action.” “The Alliance has not yet been prosecuted for this act, but the consequences are disastrous,” he said.

In its 2000 report on depleted uranium, NATO confirmed its use in both Iraq and the Balkans. The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) admitted that “evidence” exists “of the use of depleted uranium in NATO’s projectiles during the bombings.”

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