Old dog, old tricks: US begins arming Taliban [Video]


June 25th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

By Inessa Sinchougova

At last week’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs press briefing, Maria Zakharova stated that ‘unidentified helicopters’ have been spotted transporting rebels and weaponry in Afghanistan. Thanks to this support, the Afghan ISIS arm has been able to re-take a strategically important cave complex of Tora Bora. 

A reminder, that the battle of Tora Bora (2001) took place between the forces of the United States and Osama Bin Laden-led Al Qaeda faction, during which the US army, armed to the teeth, failed to capture the guy living with one heater and one goat, in a cave (or so the official story goes.) Bin Laden escaped across the border to Pakistan. 

In the early 1980s, CIA’s Operation Cyclone had assisted the Mujahideen ‘freedom fighters’ in extending and shoring up the caves to use for resistance against the Soviets. Evidently, the US arms different sides of the fight every few years, depending on which side best serves their foreign policy objectives at the time. 

The fight against terrorism in this sense, becomes the fight for international terrorism. No where in Western media have we seen reports of said ‘unidentified military helicopters’. To the contrary – it is alleged that Russia is supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan. Despite the complete absence of an incentive for Russia to support a historical foe, the public seems to have a very short memory.

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** The term ‘Taliban’ is being used here interchangeably with ISIS, given Afghanistan’s history of the CIA funded Mujahedeen and it’s affiliation to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS. 


Video starts @1.45

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