Pro-Syria coalition warns US over strikes – there could be payback


June 7, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– translated by Tom Winter –

Headquarters of the Allies of Syria has threatened the United States with a retaliatory blow. 

Damascus, June 7 – RIA Novosti. The operational headquarters of the allies of Syria, which includes the forces of Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, said after the attack on its positions by the international coalition that it is capable of striking the positions of the US military in Syria, if need be.

On Tuesday, a coalition led by the United States announced another strike on the Syrian pro-government forces in At-Tanf in southern Syria. The first such blow was struck on May 18 in the same area under the pretext that the actions of these detachments “threatened the forces of the coalition.” 

“The blood of the Syrian sons, the Syrian Arab army and its allies is not cheap, and there is the ability to strike at their (US – ed.) positions in Syria and the surrounding areas any time time when conditions are required, given the availability of missile and various military installations,” says the text of the headquarters statement.

The staff called the US actions “cowardly aggression” and evidence of “US hypocrisy in the fight against terrorism.” The absence of retaliatory military actions at the moment was explained by the staff’s self-control, but noted that it would act if the US crossed the “red lines.”

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