St George ribbon banned in Ukraine; MP calls it an insult to veterans of the Great Patriotic War

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June 16, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated by Tom Winter –

Banning St. George ribbons in Ukraine is an outrage against veterans of the Second World War, – a deputy of the State Duma

06/16/2017 – 11:05
The ban of St. George ribbons in Ukraine is an outrage against veterans of the Second World War  – State Duma deputy | Russian Spring

Andrei Kozenko, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, and coordinator of the Integration Committee “Russia – Donbass” commented for “Russian Spring” on the law banning the St. George ribbon, which came into force yesterday.

“Nothing surprising has happened: Poroshenko is consistently establishing a totalitarian dictatorship in Ukraine, and this has become obvious the more obvious when the Banner of Victory was banned.

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“The next object of hatred for the Ukrainian authorities, which will be combated by police methods, is the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and attacks on it have already begun,” said Kozenko.

“Totalitarianism can be defeated only by resistance, and Ukrainian totalitarianism is no exception. If Ukrainians silently “swallow” this outrage over the Great Victory, over our veterans, then the Ukrainian people have finally fallen victim to the experiment on “humanizing” the nation,” the State Duma deputy stressed.

According to Kozenko, Crimea is visited by about half a million Ukrainian tourists every year. “In explanation for the law signed by Poroshenko, they say that the St. George’s ribbon has become a symbol for recognition on the line of “self-estrangement,” and this, perhaps, should be agreed.

“Therefore, I would suggest that all Ukrainians coming to the Crimea pass this test for eleigibility, and wear the St. George ribbon. Perhaps, it is even worth thinking about Ukrainian car plates being considered valid in Russia only if there is an additional symbol, stickers in the colors of the St. George ribbon,” the deputy said.

“If you support Ukrainian totalitarianism, and despise the St. George ribbon, our history, and our veterans, then why do you come to us in Crimea?” – concluded Kozenko.

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