Syria Accuses US of Standing Behind Terrorism, Might use Military Force in the Future

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June 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Syrian Foreign and Expatriate Ministry said yesterday’s US Air Force downing of a Syrian military jet in Raqqah province has finally revealed the truth about US and its alleged support of terrorism. 

The ministry also urged the UN Security Council break its silence and condemn such forms of reprehensible behaviour.

In two letters, addressed the UN Secretary General and the President of the UN Security Council which were submitted on Monday, the Ministry stressed the actions of the US Air Force that resulted in downing of a Syrian military jet on June 18th, confirm all speculations, regarding US and its alleged support of terrorism.

Both letters stressed it is completely disgraceful that the United States even dared to justify its horrible and illegal act, in addition to spreading blatant lies throughout the media, noting that the downed jet fell in an area which is under ISIS control. 

The Ministry noted that the motives of US are now finally clear and no longer being hidden, reminding that the only legitimate force against terrorist in Syria remains the Syrian Army and its allies, stressing that with such actions the US only wants to undermine the strength of the Syrian Army and hold its progress back.

The Ministry pointed out the latest US aggression is just one of the many violations and crimes, committed in recent months against the Syrian Army, especially the ones in the Al Tanf area as well as plenty of the crimes, being carried out against the Syrian civilians in Raqqah province, with hundreds of them being killed in the illegal US airstrike over the past few months.

As many as 120,000 civilians were forced to leave their homes ever since the US-led international coalition began raiding Raqqah.

The letters noted that this aggression comes at the time when units of the Syrian Army and its allies were making a major progress against ISIS terrorists, particularly in the Syrian Desert, Deir EZ Zour and Raqqah.

The Ministry also said that Syrian Arab Republic is now issuing a warning about making further illegal moves on its territory and that any types of aggression similar to that one or any form of air and other raids, not carried out in coordination with the government in Damascus, will have negative consequences, with the use of military force not being excluded, adding that none of these provocations will have any effect on Syrian fights against the terrorist threat. 

The letters further went on to say that Syria strongly condemns this type of aggression and calls upon the UN Security Council to break its silence and condemn these repulsive and illegal actions, made in complete opposition to the international law, the UN Charter, the Syrian constitution and other legal acts that bind.

The Ministry concluded the letters by saying that restoring stability and security to Syria as well as the broader region by defeating a threat, posed by the terrorist groups, requires not only a lot of effort, but also an honest and determined approach, noting that no progress can be made as long as certain players remain supportive of terrorism.

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