Syria Urges ILO to Hold to its Principles and Condemn Destruction, Caused by Terrorist Groups

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June 8th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– SANA – – translated by Samer Hussein –

Syrian Deputy Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Rakan Ibrahim, assured Syria’s commitment to the International Labor Organization (ILO)‘s strategic objectives, constitution and conventions.

Ibrahim was speaking at the 106th session of the International Labor Conference, currently being held in Geneva.

He vowed the organization to condemn the atrocities, perpetrated by terrorist groups in Syria and demanded the start of ILO Director-General’s mission to the occupied Syrian Golan Heights and a re-run of its programs and activities in Syria, after previously being suspended.

Ibrahim pointed to the conference’s agenda and its main topics which are related to work and development, the most important one being the so-called Green Initiative, submitted by ILO Director-General, as well as his report on the situation of the Syrian workers amid the ongoing crisis in the country.

He questioned the reason of not looking into the issue of occupied Syrian Golan Heights in the title of the report and the fact-finding mission’s inability to meet the three pillars of production/ government and workers and employers and make a deeper inspection of Israel’s transgressions against Syrian workers and employees in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, noting the mission’s current attitude is not harmonized with the legitimate authority of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Ibrahim of course referred to the negative impacts of the devastating war that has since 2011 forced the closure of some 1000 economic facilities throughout Syria, in addition to laying-off of thousands of labourers, thus depriving them of their only source of income.

He was negatively surprised with the silence of the international community and its dual-standard attitude towards the conflict in the country, especially as during recent years Syria saw some of the worst acts of killing, kidnapping, destruction of elements of infrastructure, attacking state-owned businesses and institutions, etc,.. a thing that deeply violates all international standards, conventions, declarations and laws.

The Deputy Minister of Social Affairs added that Syria nonetheless remained stable and did its best to provide its citizens with as many as basic needs as possible, despite the international sanctions and a threat of terrorism.

In the same context, Chairman of the Syrian General Federation of Trade Unions, Jamal Al Qaderi, delivered a speech in which he described the destruction of the Syrian infrastructure and economy, as well as illegal deprivation of Syria’s own national resources, in particularly oil and gas.

He then urged the ILO to establish and coordinate programs in order to provide job opportunities for the youths in Syria and other developing countries.

He also brought in the issue of Syrian citizens who were forced to leave their country due to terrorist attacks and extremely difficult economic circumstances, resulting from the war that is since 2011 being waged against Syria and the unilateral economic sanctions that badly devastated the country’s economy, pointing out that all these things significantly increased the level of exploitation, mistreatment, mobing, abuse and unbearable working conditions  in which some people were forced to do their jobs in order to survive.

He then suggested to hold a symposium in Damascus, somewhere in the near future, in order to study all sorts of projects that could be implemented in cooperation with the ILO and which would greatly assist those who lost their source of income and/or were forced to leave their homes during the war, as they would provide them with decent working conditions and income, a thing that would greatly contribute to the reconstruction of Syria what has been destroyed by terrorism.

The annual conference, which will last until 16th of June, is being organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO).

This year in Switzerland’s Geneva, a 106th conference is taking place. 

More than 4000 representatives of workers, employers and governments from 187 member states of the ILO are currently in Geneva and they are discussing issues, mostly related to labour. 

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