Syrian Army blocks the pathway for the US forces out of At-Tanf

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June 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –, translated from German by Tom Winter –

The Syrian army now blocks the way for the US terrorists, attaching themselves to the border with Iraq (PHOTO, VIDEO) Русская весна

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The Syrian army is blocking the way for the pro-American terrorists and the ISIS soldiers, and now securing fortifications at the borders with Iraq and Jordan.

The Syrian army, Lebanese Hezbollah, and their allies continue fortifying on the frontier with Iraq, maintaining fortified positions and small bases near the settlement of Al-Budah, just a few kilometers north of the border crossing of At-Tanf where the US armed forces are training fighters for the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA).

Al-Budah was reclaimed by the SAA and its allies after air raids of the US Air Force on June 9 did prevented the Syrian soldiers reaching their original destination, the At-Tanf border crossing.

This attack by the government forces has actually blocked off the pro-American bandits, who planned to expand their territory. These actions have also cut the ISIS militants off from the southern border of Syria with Jordan.

Right on the Iraqi frontier, a combat-fist is now developing for the offensive in the direction of the city of Abu-Kemal, taken by ISIS *, in the province of Deir Ezzor.

In addition, the Syrian Arab Republic can now renew the land supply route between Damascus and Baghdad as soon as the control over this area is firmed up by the government troops. This will accelerate trade with Iraq and enliven the economy of Syria, which is currently in a severe condition. In addition, it will facilitate the delivery of arms from Iran for the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Opposition media said that because of the pressure of the US forces, the SAR has given up this area shortly after it reconquered the settlement of Al-Budah, but since then several videos have been published, which are showing a permanent presence of the Government groups in the region.

The Syrian state television has published another video, showing how soldiers of the SAA transport heavy technology, including the T-90 tank.
On Tuesday, the third video appeared, where the Syrian army and Hezbollah strengthened their positions and created a small base in the border area.

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