Syrian Army Opens New Front in Damascus Countryside, Makes More Gains in the Desert, Russians Join on the Southern Front, Results Already Visible

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June 20th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –  

Syrian Air Force has reportedly began raiding terrorist positions in the embattled Damascene districts of Joubar and Ein Tarma as well as Kabbas Bridge, in order to fully liberate the areas. 

Reports on Facebook site of the Syrian National Defense Forces, Syria’s largest volunteer group, claimed that Syrian forces are currently involved in fierce clashes in the area around mosque in Wadi Ein Tarma. 

According to military sources, the Syrian Army has so far been able able to isolate the Jobar district from Ein Tarma after its troops made progress on the axis of the last quarter, namely after destruction of several Al Nusra Front headquarters and gatherings in the vicinity. 

The latest batch of the army operations comes in light of intense shelling of residential areas in Damascus by terrorist groups. 

Earlier on Tuesday, 4 people were injured after mortar shells were fired on several neighborhoods throughout the city. 

Sources from Damascus Police Command said that terrorist groups, stationed in Eastern Ghouta, were responsible for several mortars being fired at Al Abbasiyyen area and the neighbourhood of Kafr Sowseh where 3 people were wounded, in addition to material damage being caused. 

Another person was injured after mortar shells fell on the vegetable market in Al Kabbas neighbourhood. 

The Syrian Army is also making new efforts south of Raqqah, following yesterday’s liberation of the town of Al Rusafah, alongside 20 other towns and villages as well as agricultural surfaces, totaling in about 112 square kilometers of land. 

Dozens of terrorists were killed in the operation, in addition to destruction of 11 tanks, 10 cannons, 9 mortars and more than 200 vehicles. 

According to the field reports, the Syrian Army aims to continue with its offensive south of Raqqah in order to reach the town of Sukhna, currently the hub of ISIS terrorists. 

At the moment, the Syrian forces are raiding ISIS positions up and down in the Syrian Desert, with new gains being made minute by minute. 

The Syrian press agency SANA claims that several top-ranking ISIS terrorists were killed in the raids, including many Iraqis, Saudis, Chechens and Tunisians. 

On the southern front, the Syrian army took control of Al Harbi Road in the midst of Mansheyah district, located in the southern province of Daraa. 

Intense artillery bombardment of the area began, following the expiration of the exclusive, 48-hours lasting truce, approved by the Syrian Army. 

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Syrian Air Force also destroyed several terrorist positions in the western countryside of Daraa. 

The so-called “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” said “violent air strikes” took place in the city on Tuesday morning, after the ceasefire ended, claiming that what it called the “Russian – Jordanian – American truce” in the city of Daraa was supposed to renew automatically, however , the aerial bombardment and shelling prevented its extension. 

In the meantime, a convoy of 4 Syrian tanks managed to enter the district of Sajnah in Daraa. 

Jihadist sources claim that their field commander named Bashar Nidal Al Msalmeh was killed during clashes in Mansheyah. 

The same sources also said that Russian military jets began with intense bombardment in the eastern countryside of Daraa province. 

The Russian effort has so far greatly contributed to the Syrian military gains on the ground, namely in Mansheyah. 

The operations are said to be going in accordance with the schedule and new victories are already on the horizon.

However, due to sensitivity of the situation, it is to expect that more US provocations will follow soon.

Earlier on Tuesday, an Iranian-made Shahed 129 Syrian drone was downed in Al Tanf border area by US Air Force, with the latter saying it got too close to the area where the US-backed jihadist groups are being trained.


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