The Czech Republic towards Prague-exit: “It’s time to get out of the EU”

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June 21st, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– – translated by Frederick Assar –

Former President Klaus: “Prague must prepare to leave the EU”. The Czech Republic opposes the infringement procedure on migrants

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Prague must prepare to leave the EU, according to former Czech President Vaclav Klaus, the conservative politician considered one of the fathers of euro-scepticism. Vaclav Klaus expressed this view commenting on the recent decision by the European Commission to initiate an infringement procedure against the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, for the the objection voiced by the three countries to the EU request to accommodate part of the migrants currently in Italy and Greece. 

“For us Czechs to leave the EU is the only way to defend and protect the integrity of our nation,” said Klaus, despite having submitted, as Prime Minister, a formal request for membership of his country in the EU back in 1996. “A marriage not of love, but of interest,” he said in 2004, following formal admission of the Czech Republic to the EU.

The infringement procedure on migrants triggered the strong objection of the Czech Republic

“With its decision, the European Commission has once revealed the role the Czech Republic covers within the Union and what plans EU leaders have in mind for our country. This is something that we have never experienced before. We strongly reject this attempt to force us to welcome foreigners, to transform our country into a multicultural society, formed by disadvantaged communities, as currently happening in France and Great Britain. “

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