Trump urges Congress to soften new sanctions bill against Russia

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June 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

KtoVKurse – By Inessa Sinchougova

US President Donald Trump’s administration plans to begin working with members of Congress from the Republican Party to somehow soften the bill that seeks to toughen sanctions against Russia, writes Politico.

It was reported that the White House is worried that the Senate approved an initiative that is able to “tie the hands” of the administration in the negotiations with Moscow. It is expected that the bill will tighten foreign currency financing for Russian banks and companies, as well as introduce penalties for cyber attacks during the presidential campaign in the United States.

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Some representatives of the presidential administration hope that the initiative will not pass the lower house of parliament, just as other loud bills did not; “The act surrounding Russian aggression in 2017” that prohibited investment in the Russian debt, or the “Act on the support of Ukraine 2014”, which is proposed to begin deliveries of aircraft weapons to Ukraine.

Senator from Ohio, Sherron Brown, said that the White House has already addressed some Republicans to soften the bill.

It is remarkable that European politicians voiced their opinions against this bill. the Austrian Chancellor and Foreign Minister of Germany were concerned it will affect that concluded deals with “Gazprom”, including the Nord Stream 2. Politicians have promised “very negative” impact on relations between the US and Europe, if the bill is passed in this version.This position was supported by the Office of the Angela Merkel.

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