Ukraine: Western nations take turns in support of the junta


June 27th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
– Contropiano – – translated by Frederick Assar –

Petro Poroshenko is trying by any means to suffocate the growing disapproval rate within his team. According to, the withdrawal of the signing by a number of deputies of the “Block Poroshenko” of an appeal addressed to the Rada by the Kiev Regional Council for the impeachment of the head of state would only be the result of Presidential pressures. In spite of the statements on both sides of the Atlantic, Poroshenko seems to be slipping down a progressively slippery slope, with the request for his impeachment being made by influential figures, such as industrial tycoon and former governor of Donetsk region, Sergey Taruta, chairman of the Rada Anti-Corruption Commission, Egor Sobolev, Donbass veteran groups, accusing Poroshenko of “anti-Nazi repression”. However, above and beyond the others, the request for impeachment comes from the “Fatherland” union of former PM Julja Tymoshenko, who can count on the support of Members of the “Opposition Block”, “Self Reliance” and even Oleg Ljaško’s Radical Party .

For this reason, Poroshenko continues to display internally the “successes” of his foreign trips. During their meeting at the White House, Poroshenko would have shown Donald Trump “evidence of the Russian presence in the Donbass”: “Documents, photos, maps, gallons and many other items.” Whilst the US President wasn’t particularly impressed by Poroshenko’s “evidence”, the French Emmanuel Macron was convinced that “aggression comes from Russia, that is, Ukraine is not an aggressor. We also recognize” Macron insisted, “that the annexation of Crimea is illegal, meaning we all know who triggered the war and created this situation”. Thus France, one of the “guardian countries” of the Minsk II accords under the so-called “Norman format” (Merkel, Hollande, Putin, Poroshenko) publicly manifested its support for Kiev and its war against the population of Donbass. Hence Poroshenko now feels authorized to set new conditions for the fulfilment of those agreements that his junta hasn’t yet respected in two and a half years. That is why, from Paris, he asked for a “h24” presence of OSCE observers along the line between Ukrainian forces and the  people’s militias: “We have the full support of our European partners,” said Poroshenko at the same time when , as writes, “for the 69th time, Ukraine violated the demarcation of forces in the Stanzsa Luganskaja area.”

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Indeed, Poroshenko can boast about the next US arms supply: “As far as defense agreements are concerned, today we have the agreed text. We expect the visit by US Defense Minister James Mattis within 2-3 months and on that occasion, I hope, the agreement will be signed” providing $ 380 million worth of military supplies. Perhaps due to being carried away by the euphoria of having discussed with Trump about “UN and NATO efforts to coordinate” for Donbass, Poroshenko is also convinced that as soon as Donald Trump meets Vladimir Putin, he will try to convince him “of the absolute absence of prospects for every attempt to apply pressure on Ukraine. “

According to political scientist Mikhail Aleksandrov, interviewed by Andrej Polunin for Svobodnaja Pressa, new US supplies to Kiev may have little impact on the military level, as Ukraine is already over- armed. They may have, instead, a political influence, and Aleksandrov believes that Moscow should adopt a tougher line with Washington, for example by exiting the 1987 agreement on limiting short-range and medium-range missiles, and thus strengthening Russian Western frontiers. “If an attack on Russia occurs,” says Aleksandrov, “this will come from Europe and not from the USA. And we need a large number of non-nuclear missiles to put an end to the entire NATO infrastructure in Europe: connecting centres, railway hubs, ports, headquarters, symbolic targets such as parliaments”. In a word, says Aleksandrov, “we would have had to adopt a tougher attitude towards the US long time ago. New military supplies to Ukraine could serve as a pretext”.

Meanwhile, before Mattis’ arrival, Poroshenko is expecting  in Kiev  Energy Minister Rik Perry. Due to the difficulties of coal supply from Donbass, Ukraine wants to sign a supply contract – “two million tons minimum” – from Pennsylvania. On the other hand, Perry will set the conditions for the participation of US companies in the privatisation of Ukrainian energy sector.

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