Ukrainian sniper kills 78-year-old grandmother, 18 dwellings destroyed

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June 14, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle NEANT, in DONiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

“I can get the sheet metal out of the way so you could film the impact”

While the Ukrainian media are headlining the highlights of the Ukrainian army in Donbass, the reality of the actions, and especially the crimes, of this army, are cruelly renewed every day. Ukrainian propaganda may present its army as liberators who came to deliver the Donbass from the Russian army, but the truth is that this army is genociding the people of Donbass, and knowingly.

How to call it ‘by mistake’ when a sniper, most certainly belonging to a volunteer battalion (either Islamic, or one of these women sniper groups), shoots a 78-year-old grandmother in Sakhanka, with a bullet in the head? At 5 pm, it is still day in June, no mistake is possible. Except to be totally drunk or drugged, it is impossible to confuse a peaceful 78-year-old grandmother with a soldier !!!

This woman’s only crime was to live in the People’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) and step out into her garden. Last month we traveled to Sakhanka and other southern DPR villages to help several pensioners with humanitarian aid from the West-East Association. Since the news fell this morning, I pray that it is not one of the grandmothers we visited, who fell under the sniper’s bullet.

The question running through my head all morning is: “why?” As the Russians say. Why ? For what purpose? What crime had this grandmother committed to deserve such a fate, and above all, how? How can someone who pretends to be a human being do such a thing? Already deliberately shooting the mortar or artillery at purely civilian quarters requires a good dose of inhumanity, but the victims are not seen, so it is easier not to think about them.

But a sniper … He sees his victim, his face, in his telescope, precisely enough to shoot him in the head. How can we aim for a peaceful 78-year-old grandmother deliberately, shoot her, and watch her die before her eyes without the shadow of a scruple? Without remorse.

Some defenders of the Ukrainian cause speak of “self-defense”. What self-defense is there when a peaceful grandmother is deliberately and gratuitously murdered?

And for those who believe that it is an isolated incident, that it is the work of some soldier that had freaked out, it is not. In Trudovskyi, another Ukrainian army sniper shot for 30 minutes around a little girl to terrorize her without killing her, while preventing her mother from coming to her rescue. A purely sadistic game.

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Also in Zaitsevo, a Ukrainian sniper shot 22 times over the head of a civilian on the way back from the shop where he had been shopping. Here too, the aim was to terrorize him more than to kill him. Where is self-defense in such ignoble acts and which are far from being exceptions?

In addition to the snipers, Ukrainian army mortars, assault tanks and artillery are also deliberately targeting residential areas, as in Krutaya Balka, where three houses were totally destroyed by last night’s shootings ( Two burned down and one was completely destroyed by direct fire). In all, over the entire territory of the DPR, 18 houses were damaged or destroyed by fire from the Ukrainian army.

In total, the Ukrainian army fired 656 artillery, mortar or tank shells into the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic during the 65 ceasefire violations it had committed in the last 24 hours.

At Krutaya Balka, where we went, shooting was still heard during the day. Because of the proximity of the Ukrainian positions and the growing shadows, we were not able to film the houses affected last night, but we saw several other houses recently blasted, such as that of the grandmother of 26 Shirokaya Street.

The house was ripped open by a shell last week, another ripped off half the roof the day before. The woman lives alone. Her son tries to repair the house as best he can, but he lacks the financial means and the gear for it. If we do not find a way to put at least a tarpaulin on the roof, the next rain will make the house uninhabitable.

As is clear from the damage on the northwest side of the house, the shots come from Kamenka. The old woman’s son told us that shots also come from Avdeyevka. Two cities under Ukrainian control:

“Village of Krutaya Balka” Red arrow showing origin of the firing

In Dokuchaevsk, this morning, it was the water treatment plant that was targeted by the Ukrainian army, forcing employees to evacuate the station and take shelter. And the OSCE observers refused to go to Trudovskiy yesterday to record the deaths of two civilians. Why? On the pretext that the road leading to the affected house was not paved (no, no it is not a joke, Is what the OSCE has released to the soldiers from the nearest checkpoint !!!). The Ukrainian army continues to amass heavy weapons prohibited by the Minsk accords near the front line. So in Kodema, it was six tanks that the Ukrainian army brought up just six kilometers from the front line near Gorlovka. The escalation continues in the Donbass, and in view of the constant accumulation of new weapons on the front line, we can only fear the next “feats of arms” of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass.

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