US-led Coalition Buries 20 Civilians Under the Rubble in Mosul, Iraq

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June 11th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

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– – – translated by Samer Hussein – 

Aircrafts of the so-called anti-ISIS international coalition, led by the US, carried out another series of airstrikes on the Iraqi city of Mosul on Sunday dawn.

20 civilians were reportedly buried under the rubble after coalition aircrafts targeted a building in western Mosul. 

According to local sources, coalition jets struck a two – story house in Al Bursa area, which is adjacent to the old city of Mosul, resulting in the collapse of a building and burying at least 20 civilians, including many women and children. 

Based on the information provided, there are casualties among the civilians trapped under the rubble. They are reportedly unrelated.

This is just one of the many incidents that occurred in the past few weeks and was caused by coalition’s bombardment of residential areas.

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