US-led coalition strikes Pro-Assad forces again


June 8, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

–, translated by Tom Winter –

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A coalition led by the US has dealt a new blow to the pro-government forces in Syria, official spokesman Ryan Dillon said.

According to him, as in the previous two cases, a blow was struck near the settlement of At-Tanf, where “the coalition forces and their allies have been operating for several months.” He was at a loss to say whether there were casualties as a result of the last blow, noting that the military is now figuring it out.

He also said that the coalition had knocked down a drone of pro-government forces after it tried to strike.

The unmanned vehicle dropped ammunition, which did not affect the coalition in any way. The drone had more ammunition, so we shot it down, said Dillon.

This is the first known case when the pro-government forces in Syria tried to strike at a coalition led by the United States.

Dillon found it difficult to say who exactly owned the drone and where it was produced.

In addition, he said that, the coalition is demanding that pro-government forces leave the At-Tanf area, using the communication channels established to prevent conflicts.

The Allies reported that it has only such channels of communication with the Russian military, and there are no such channels with the Syrian army and pro-government forces.

Recall, the second strike by the US coalition struck against pro-government forces in At-Tanf in southern Syria was on Tuesday. Then two soldiers were killed. Before that, a blow was struck in mid-May. The reason given was the supposedly existing threat from pro-government Syrian forces. After Tuesday’s strike, the operational headquarters of Damascus’ allies, including units of the Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran, announced their intention to strike at the positions of the US military in Syria, if necessary.

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