US Refuses to Provide Details on Alleged Future Chemical Attack in Syria, Russia Dismisses its Claims

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June 28th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –  

The US State Department has refused to provide evidence, regarding its claim that the Syrian Army is preparing another assault with chemical weapons in the nearby future.

In a response to the question, asked by one of the journalists, attending the press conference, on whether there is evidence that the Syrian Army will indeed carry out a chemical attack in the nearby future, the spokeswoman of the US State Department Heather Nauert, said she will not disclose any details due to the fact that particular matter concerns the intelligence agencies, not State Department itself.

“You all know that from time to time there are issues whose details we cannot address, but draw the attention of the US government at the highest level”, Nauert was heard saying.

For the past few days, the White House has been spreading rumors that the Syrian Army is “gearing up for another assault with chemical weapons”. 

Although no evidence or clue was ever provided, the White House spokesman Sean Spicer has already warned the Syrian President Bashar Al Assad that he would pay a “heavy price”, should he carry out an attack of this kind.

On Tuesday, Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman, said Washington noted that Syrian Army apparently gears itself up for another attack with chemical weapons, once again to be carried out from the Shayrat Air Base in Homs province.

He, however, failed to provide how the US officials came up with such conclusion.

According to Davis, the process of gearing up involves a certain aircraft, located in specific hangar, which is believed to be linked to the usage of chemical weapons.

The Kremlin has already responded to Washington’s latest provocation, saying that nothing good has over come out of such accusations, adding that any of such accusations should have at least been supported by some kind of evidence, while also urging Washington to resort to the international law and start solving things through dialogue.

In addition, the First Deputy of the Chairman of the Committee on Defense of the Federation Council of Russia, said the US is only looking for an excuse to carry out more aggression against the Syrian Army.

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