Zagreb Pride: another “step” towards Croatia’s EU integration? [+Video]

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June  15th , 2017 – Fort Russ News – by Frederick Assar

On June 10, a multi-coloured LGBT army swarmed the streets of the Croatian capital in the sixteenth edition of Zagreb Pride. With “Slobodan život počinje ponoson” (“A free life begins with pride”) as the parade’s motto, several demonstrators were seen holding signs ridiculing the Church’s role in the historically catholic nation (“Jesus too had two fathers”, “Let’s save our heterosexual fellows from traditional marriage”).

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The parade took place amidst a tense and unstable political climate, as Croatia recently experienced a Cabinet reshuffle that saw the liberal and pro-European HNS Party joining forces with the ruling centre-right HDZ Party.

With estimates ranging between 3,000 and 10,000 participants, Zagreb’s Pride latest edition stands as a conspicuous testimony to the success of Western’s infiltration strategy in the Balkans – the strategic pivot whose control is vital for NATO’s offensive against Russia –; one that has traded depleted uranium bombing operations over Serbian skies for a less conspicuous – yet equally destructive and considerably more long-lived – ‘western values’ propaganda campaign.

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