Against the system: Ukrainian soldiers volunteer list of Ukrainian Nazis to the Donbass


July 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Novorossia Today  – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Soldiers of the 28th airborne brigade of the Ukrainian forces have transferred a list of names, fellow-Ukrainians – but Neo Nazis that worked in the “Anti-Terrorist Zone” (contact line between the Ukraine and the Donbass). This was done via a ‘hot line’ organised by the Lugansk People’s Republic.

It is reported that on 8 July 2017, two Ukrainian soldiers transferred information on ATZ soldiers that (they consider) committed crimes. The vast majority of the soldiers in the Ukrainian Army “did not want to go when conscripted, however, there were also volunteers, almost all – members of the Ukrainian nationalist organizations or their sympathizers.” 

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The (we assume, anonymous) hot line took place as part of LPR’s programme to record and later seek justice for crimes against humanity. 

The following names were given over freely by the Ukrainian soldiers, and in context of the conversation, were referred to as “scumbags.”

  • Bogatyr Vitaliy 
  • Bondarenko Yuri Alexandrovich 
  • Burlaka Ivan Aleksandrovich
  • Kurchenko Denis Sergeevich 
  • Mazyar Vladimir Anatolievich
  • Mihaylyuk Bogdan Sergeevich 
  • Moroz Vladislav Viktorovich 
  • Musiyko Igor Andreevich
  • Smashnyy Yuriy Nikolaevich
  • Smolieno Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 
  • Fedorov Mihail Aleksandrovich
  • Hutornyy Aleksandr Vladimirovich 
  • Cherevichnyy Evgeniy Vasilevich 
  • Cheremshenko Evgeniy Nikolaevich 
  • Chizhenok Maxim Alexandrovich 

The information is being confirmed by the LPR but preliminary data appears to be truthful.

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