Bet he regrets it now: Russian woman deals to Egyptian thug


July 20, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Rusvesna – translated by Inessa Sinchougova 

Last week it was reported that an attack took place on tourists in the Egyptian town of Hurghada, who came at them with a knife.  As a result, two citizen of Germany were killed – injured were two Armenian citizens, a resident of the Czech Republic and a Russian woman.

Not only did Elena Mikhailenko give “strong resistance” to the armed thug, but she kept him from launching at other people, who may possibly have been weaker.

The employees of Hotel Sunny Days El Palacio said that if not for the desperate and fierce resistance from the Russian tourist to the terrorist with a knife, then many more people could have died on the beach, the scene of the crime. 

It is known that the 28-year-old native of the Egyptian province of Kafr el-Sheikh, had attended Friday prayers in one of the mosques of the city, and then for unknown reasons bought a kitchen knife at a hardware store and went to the coast.

“I was lying on the beach, headphones on my ears, when I heard faint screaming. I got up, turned around and saw that a man of Arab nationality is running at me with full speed. He had wild eyes and a huge nose. “ – said Elena in an interview.

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“Behind me was the sea, so it would be useless to jump in – there’s coral in there. I would cut my whole body. In general, there was nowhere to run.”

At this moment, the attacker got hold of Elena and sat on her legs while attempting to throw knife wounds. She recalls that she remembers deciding that she would fight him off until the end – there were no other options. 

The woman dodged the knife and fought back, moving vigorously – “My cuts are not very deep, so I must him thrown him off target with resistance.” 

“She really gave him a run for his money” – says one of the hotel employees. 

The woman fought back long enough for an Armenian woman to throw the first punch at the attacker from behind, who was clearly not expecting this from nearby women. At that moment, men from the nearby hotel ran to their rescue. 

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