Erdogan Regime Begins Invading Syria in Order to Save Ahrar Al Sham Terrorists from the Advancing Tahrir Al Sham Terrorists


July 19th, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Al Mayadeen – – translated by Samer Hussein –  

Clashes between the Erdogan regime-backed terrorist group Ahrar Al Sham and Joulani’s Hay’at Tahrir Al Sham (ex-Al Nusra Front), are intensifying alongside the Syrian-Turkish border area.

Fearing Ahrar might lose, the Erdogan regime forces once again made an illegal incursion into Syrian territory. 

According to the field correspondences, Turkey closed the Bab Al Hawa border crossing, following the intensified clashes between Ahrar Al Sham and Tahrir Al Sham terrorists.

It was also confirmed that Turkey is amassing its troops in the vicinity of Bab Al Hawa crossing amid preparations for a military assault against Tahrir Al Sham.

Local sources said that Turkish military vehicles, accompanied by bulldozers, already entered the area of Ain Beida, located west of the Uyghur-dominated town of Jisr Al Shoghur, which Turkish Army declared a military zone.

Refugee camps in the area were dismantled and refugees were taken to Turkey.

The sources pointed out that none of the Turkish moves have made any effect on East Turkestan Islamic Party, who otherwise controls several towns and villages in the area.

Clashes between Tahrir Al Sham and Ahrar Al Sham are reportedly taking place all over Idleb province, border area including. 

The two factions are said to be using all types of heavy weapons as they attempt to impose control and expand their Influence. The two sides are also executing each other’s prisoners.

In the southern countryside of Idleb province, Ahrar Al Sham terrorists managed to take control of the towns of Kafr Nabl and Hazarin, following violent clashes with Tahrir Al Sham terrorists, who were able to extend their control all the way to the town Al Habit after killing scores of Ahrar Al Sham terrorists, including some of their leaders. 

In the vicinity of the Zawi Mountain, fighting by using tanks, heavy machine guns and mortars,is still ongoing after Ahrar Al Sham managed to drive their opponents out of 9 villages in the area.

Currently, Tahrir Al Sham terrorists are trying to impose their control over the town of Saraqib and its surrounding areas in order to cut off Ahrar’s supply routes in direction of highway leading to Turkey, where they managed to free many of their members after gaining control of the grain siloses , the oil plant and the southern bridge leading to the town of Saraqib. 

Violent clashes continue as Ahrar Al Sham has just sent new reinforcements into battle in order to regain their lost positions. 

Meanwhile, Ahrar Al Sham terrorists published photos of their tanks, riding through the streets of the town of Sarmada after Tahrir’s withdrawal from the town and after they began their campaign of mass arrests of Tahrir’s supporters in town.

Around the same time, they also took control of the border town of Al Dana, following several hours lasting clashes with Tahrir Al Sham that have resulted in deaths and injuries on both sides. Tahrir Al Sham is also attempting to retake the town of Sarmada.

In the western countryside of Idleb province, a car bomb exploded near the headquarters of the Ahrar Al Sham leadership in the town of Armanaz, resulting in deaths of at least 3 terrorists, their leader Abu Ahmed Ormenazi including, hours an agreement between the two factions to spare the town from fighting, was reached.

Tahrir Al Sham terrorists reportedly became more confident after seizing control of the nearby villages of Azmarin and Tel Ammar. 

Local sources said that the so-called “Free Idlib Army” troops were introduced to some of the disputed areas in the southern countryside of Idleb province, following an agreement between Ahrar and Tahrir Al Sham to spare those areas from fighting.

Meanwhile, the Erdogan regime-backed so-called “Syrian Islamic Council”, issued a statement, urging Tahrir Al Sham to immediately cease all relations with it and the associated groups, saying their work impacts the whole struggle in a highly negative way.

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