Expecting peace in Donbass from NATO, Tillerson, and new envoy Volker?


July 12, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Sebastien HAIRON in PeuplesLibres, translated by Tom Winter –

“NATO came to bring Democracy to our land (Libya)”

By what right does this country arrogate to itself licence to interfere in the internal affairs of independent countries? Someone gave them a warrant to go and sow death and division in other countries?

The conflict currently taking place in the Donbass does not seem to be be finding a resolution. Whether it is political or military, the situation seems fixed. This proxy war triggered after the color revolution of the winter 2013/2014 continues, despite a net decrease in fighting following the Minsk 2 agreements signed in February 2015.

NATO, the European Union, and Canada are the main sponsors of this new Cold War against Russia. Many instructors from the member countries of this aggressive organization are in Ukraine to train Ukrainian soldiers. The subject matter of these training courses are diverse and varied, ranging from shooting instruction for snipers, logistics, health personnel etc.

This NATO policy against civilians in the Donbass, on the pretext of the invasion by the Russian army (I am still waiting three years later for the invasion), has no other purpose than to create tensions with Russia. When the US neocons succeeded in their coup in February 2014, they equipped themselves a new area of tension, but this time closer to Russia: at its borders (after Chechnya and Georgia), after their failure in Chechnya, via the Wahhabi Islamists, and then in Georgia in 2008 after the beating of the Georgian army following its attack on Russian blue helmets and civilians.

Ukraine is the new Trojan horse of the Atlanticist Empire against Russia and generally against the Slavs. For we must not forget, despite a sometimes legitimate rancor, that non-Russian-speaking Ukrainians are also the victims of this deadly intrusion into their country.

In recent days, visits and announcements have followed one another at a close pace.
On 07 July, Kurt Volker was appointed as US State Department’s special envoy to Ukraine

Rex Tillerson, the US foreign minister appointed Kurt Volker. He will be stationed in Kiev and will be tasked with contributing to peace in Ukraine under the Minsk 2 agreements. That is the official version.

Except that the US has not signed these famous agreements. So, how can they interfere in meetings involving the signatory countries? As a reminder, these agreements were negotiated and signed by Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia.
So the US has nothing to do in these negotiations!

Secondly, when we look at Kurt Volker’s CV, we can sincerely doubt his good faith and his willingness to use his influence so that there is real de-escalation and significant progress for true peace in the Donbass.

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This very special envoy is indeed the president of the McCain Institute for International Leadership! Yes, we are talking about McCain, this hysterical Russophobe!
The McCain Institute is a thinkthank based in Washington, but having ramifications with the Arizona State University. This foundation (lobby in the USA) aims to promote democracy, human rights, in short, the usual noise which the US uses and abuses to cover — with a humanistic and noble veil — their interference in independent countries and, of course, the ones refractory to their societal vision.

It is always quite amusing to note that these are always countries with natural resources, or located near nations considered as trouble-festivals to the Anglo-Saxon hegemonism.

By what right does this country arrogate to itself licence to interfere in the internal affairs of independent countries? Someone gave them a warrant to go and sow death and division in other countries? As far as I know, nobody asks their opinion, but they want to give it and it costs dear to the people who receive it!

For those who find that I exaggerate, I invite you to tour in Tripoli, Belgrade, Hanoi, Mogadishu, Baghdad etc with a flag of the US slung over like a cape, to taste the joys of recognition of the local population following the contribution of the “values of democracy” in Yankee sauce. Amen…

You will see that there is no military intervention, no color revolution, no resolution against the United States, Saudi Arabia, US ally and a great democracy respectful of human rights and womn’s rights. An oversight without a doubt …

To return to this institute, a quick look at the “generous donors” speaks volumes about the orientation and the pseudo philanthropy of this lobby serving US multinationals:
To start you will find a certain number of associations
Stamped “freedom”. Do not seek who finances this kind of “association”, a little tour on their administrative board will enlighten you all by itself! Not a local, but only bitter-wrecked. There is a Sorosian smell behind these “associations” …
Chevron (oil)
Cisco (IT)
General Electric
Saudi Arabia !
Wall-Mart (the world’s largest retailer)
AT & T (the largest Internet provider in the US)
JP Morgan (one of the top 3 banks in the US)
Etc etc … source

Indeed, philanthropists who want only the happiness of the peoples on this planet. Finally, it is for those who believe that we live on Children Island … For my part, I absolutely do not believe in the disinterested “generosity” of these people. Wherever their policy of interference passes, people pass away and countries are pillaged and ruined. Besides, if these companies, like Wall-Mart, cared a little for the well-being of humans, they would start by applying it at home! source
There is nothing worse than Wall-Mart in the US, although McDo and all junkfood distribution sites are well placed, in terms of their respect for human rights and dignity. But, obviously, there are still people to believe that Uncle Sam and his “values” (mercantile!) are the top for humanity. I just say one thing to these people: go to the USA, and when you see old people of 70/75 years working on the parking lots of these huge big box stores for a wage of misery you may be able finally to finally open their eyes about the “American dream” ! Why do they work at that age? Because they lost everything with the crisis of 2007 (subprime!) Or they do not have enough retirement to live! Welcome to hell … this hell is your future in Western Europe.

That’s who Kurt Volker is working for. If the Ukrainians imagine that this representative of Yankee “values” comes with the aim of bringing them a better life, their awakening may be brutal and be made to the sound of the chains that these slave owners have put to their feet.

Rex Tillerson was visiting Kiev on Sunday, July 9th. Faithful to the accusatory inversion of which Washington uses and abuses, he said that Russia had to make the first steps in de-escalation in the ongoing conflict in the Donbass. It is typically with this kind of false and provocative statement that we can understand that unfortunately we are not on a path of peaceful resolution of the conflict between the Donbass population and the army of the Poroshenko regime Liberation

Another dubious character who drags behind him his procession of stiffs, Jens Stoltenberg, the patron of NATO. Today, on Monday, July 10, he is in Kiev to celebrate (one wonders what is celebrated!), the 20 years of cooperation between Ukraine and this criminal organization. Of course, Stoltenberg will meet Poroshenko and other leaders of the junta. It’s weird, but since 2014 I keep reading and hearing that Yanukovych, the president overthrown by the color revolution in 2013/2014 was a pro-Russian! Fuck! Why did not he break this association with NATO if he was actually a Moscow puppet? It is surprising, but the media never ask this question.
In view of the statements of Stoltenberg at the press conference with Poroshenko the master of Kiev, there is little illusion to be made about the intentions of NATO in the region of Free Belgium

What does it mean, and especially what happens during the discussions between these characters and the Kiev regime? For in recent weeks the situation from a military point of view is generally calm in the Donbass. We still have ceasefire violations perpetrated by Ukrainian artillery (about 30 or 40 per day). But not wanting to shock anyone, it is little compared to what the “routine” of Ukrainian we had got accustomed to.Ukrainian artillery. When I compare to last summer when it was extremely difficult to sleep at night, through the violent repetitive non-stop bombing almost all night. Far be it from me to complain about this situation, but in view of the recent visits to Kiev, I would confess that I am not optimistic about this relative, most precarious silence. What does the regime of Poroshenko say about the visits of these US contractors? We will know that soon enough from my point of view, but it is unlikely that it will be an invitation to make peace.
I fear that for the people of Donbass to be able to live in peace at last, it will be necessary that this offensive so often predicted, but never triggered, will arrive, and that the armies of the two young republics can finish what they had begun 2014 early 2015: namely the liberation of the Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine

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