Fake news alert!


July 23, 2017 – Fort Russ News – 

Spotted by Denis Churilov

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Fake news alert! In reality, Putin was asked about his plans after he leaves his position as the President. Putin said that he is not yet sure whether he wants to leave the post just yet (“Я еще не решил, хочу ли я уйти с поста президента”; literally “I have not decided whether I want to leave the Presidential position yet”). He said nothing about staying president for lifetime. It was quite obvious from the context that he was talking about the 2018 Elections.

It’s either that the Hill has terrible translators who fail to perform their job adequately or they are deliberately misinforming/brainwashing their audience and creating the narrative that would present Putin as a dictator who disregards the law and proclaims himself a lifetime ruler. Either way, it’s a textbook example of a fake news.

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