German MEP challenges EU Commission on the farcical treason trial of Yanukovich


July 19, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Press Release on the facebook page of Udo Voigt, translated by Tom Winter

Yanukovich with successful election poster

A judicial farce – but Brussels remains silent

Udo Voigt

The show trial of the Ukrainian president: follow-up from Udo Voigt

The European Union considers itself firmly in favor of legal standards. When it comes to human rights violations or disadvantages of, for example, gay-Lutheran minorities, Brussels stands fast in the distant parts of the world with the raised index finger, warning and accusing.

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It is only closer to home – which is nothing new – that the EU does not hold strictly to its high standards. At the present time, a regular farce of a trial is taking place, so to speak, on their own doorstep, namely in the Ukraine. Their sacrificial victim is the former President Viktor Yanukovich.

Yanukovich is charged with alleged “treason.” In February 2014 Yanukovich was driven out of office by Western supporters and had to leave the country. Since then, practically bankrupt Ukraine has been in the western camp.

The trial — which was opened in May before a district court in Kiev, and now, after clarification of the formalities, goes into the actual process — mocks all legal standards. One example: the current Ukrainian President Poroshenko personally took a stand for a bill that would allow Yanukovych’s condemnation in his absence. This was utterly unheard of in the course of the previous proceedings, even for example, by means of a video conference. Also, Yanukovich was not questioned by the Ukrainian prosecutor before the prosecution, as is customary.

 Yanukovych, who is absent from the case for obvious reasons, has also declared that he will reject the Kiev trial for elementary violations of the principles of the rule of law and will challenge a judgment before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

The EU, with its otherwise consistently high human rights standards, leaves the Kiev show trial strikingly undealt with. For this restraint, the German NPD-European deputy Udo Voigt has no understanding. He would like to know, in a written question which the Commission has now received in the course of the European Parliament’s work how “the Commission assesses the legal aspects of the case against the former Ukrainian President,” and what efforts the Commission is undertaking “to ensure compliance with the usual legal and human rights standards in the trial against Viktor Yanukovich.” The EU Commission now has six weeks to answer.

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