Juncker on US sanctions: America first can not mean that Europe’s interests come last


July 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

Ostexperte.de, translated from German by Tom Winter –

The EU and Russia are threatening the US with consequences

Yesterday the US House of Representatives adopted new sanctions against Russia. Russia and the EU Commission are now threatening counter-reactions, reports Frankfurter Rundschau.

While the US draft law has been revised to expand sanctions against Russia, it will have a negative impact on European companies in the energy sector, said EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday. In the text he said:

“US law could have unintended one-sided effects on EU energy security interests. That is why today the Commission has decided that – if our concerns are not sufficiently taken into account – we are ready to react adequately within days. America first can not mean that Europe’s interests come last.”

New US sanctions against Russia

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Yesterday, an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives voted for anchoring new Russia sanctions into US law. The reason for the punishment is the presumed Russian interference in the US election campaign in 2016, the continued aggression in the Eastern Ukraine and the support of the Syrian government. Originally the US Senate had agreed on the bill in June 2017, which also affects North Korea and Iran.

The EU Commission stated that it considers sanctions against Moscow to be correct, but criticizes the US’s approach. US policy was driven by economic self-interest. “We follow the US draft on the Russian sanctions with some concern, especially because of their potential impact on the EU’s energy independence,” commented EU Commission spokeswoman Margaritis Schinas on Monday.

Germany expresses criticism

German political figures, including Angela Merkel and SPD chancellor candidate, Martin Schulz, criticized the US Senate’s action a few weeks ago. 

Federal Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said: “US foreign policy must not become the prolonged arm of US economic policy. To push Russia further into the corner by pushing Russian gas out of Europe and the Europeans having to buy American gas is just not on.”
For another European view on the newest sanctions, see US Establishment crazy.

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